By Radmila Milenkovich On May 6, 2020

X-Mapper: The App Helping Police to Map Digital Assets and Much More

FotoWare is used by police, forensics, and defense forces around the world to manage digital evidence files and support...

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By Olav Andreas Frenning On May 1, 2020

25 Years of FotoStation

2020 is a special year for us at FotoWare. It marks the 25 year anniversary since our product FotoStation first saw the light...

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By Mariana Mehedyniuk On April 29, 2020

3 Steps Towards Effective Brand Asset Management

Creating a strong, recognizable brand is quite the journey. But it is only the beginning; you will have to continuously...

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By John-Fredrik Engeland On April 22, 2020

How Two of Norway’s Largest Enterprises Solved GDPR Challenges with Images

Since the GDPR was introduced in May 2018, businesses of all sizes have faced several difficult challenges to comply. For...

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By Radmila Milenkovich On April 15, 2020

Why it's Time for SaaS to Become the New Normal for Businesses

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a phrase that many will not have heard of before the outbreak of COVID-19. However, the recent...

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By Alex Kronenberg On April 8, 2020

How to comply with GDPR Article 7 for photos and videos of employees

Businesses face a number of challenges with the GDPR when using photos or videos of employees. If an individual in those...

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By Mariana Mehedyniuk On April 1, 2020

Working with DAM: South Australian Tourism Commission Experience

It is hard to overstate the importance of visual content in the tourism industry. We caught up with Shaliza Ferragamo, Brand...

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By Hans Peter Bech On March 25, 2020

Onboarding with Digital Asset Management: TBK Consult Experience

We are happy to share a great article about FotoWare, written by Hans Peter Bech. The original version of the article was...

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By Radmila Milenkovich On March 18, 2020

Media Management Award 2020 from Last Year's Finalists

It gives us great pleasure to announce that the Media Management Award is back for a second consecutive year - and...

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