By Eunbyeol Koh On October 8, 2021

5 Reasons Why You Should Enter the Media Management Award 2021

As we continue to evolve in the increasingly digital world, the need to create, store, and share digital assets like images,...

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By Alex Kronenberg On October 4, 2021

Joining FotoWare through Acquisition: an Interview with the Founder of Buildpix

Earlier this year FotoWare made its first acquisition, taking market share in Sweden and strengthening delivery towards...

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By Bettina Berntsen On September 29, 2021

FotoWare strengthens its position in the European market with the acquisition of Xenario UK Limited

FotoWare, a global pioneer and innovator in Digital Asset Management (DAM), continues its growth journey with new colleagues...

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By Alex Kronenberg On September 27, 2021

How the Development Team in FotoWare is Blazing a Trail in the Cloud

A lot has changed at FotoWare in the past 2 years, with exciting new owners in Viking Venture, 42 amazing new hires, and 3...

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By Amalie Widerberg On September 21, 2021

FotoWare takes 10th place in the Great Place to Work European ranking

For the second year in a row, FotoWare was recognized in the Great Place to Work Europe award. This time, we were ranked 10th,...

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By Eunbyeol Koh On September 16, 2021

How 4 UK Police Forces Centralized their Digital Evidence Management

Police forces worldwide are using FotoWare Digital Evidence Management (DEM) solutions, including over 80% of the forces in...

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By Eunbyeol Koh On September 9, 2021

7 Common Challenges Police Forces Face When Handling Digital Evidence

An ever-growing abundance of digital evidence

Today, police forces are adopting new tools for surveillance to gather evidence....

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By Alex Kronenberg On August 27, 2021

What Do You Need to Be a Successful CFO in a Software Growth Business?

Since Viking Venture acquired FotoWare in 2020, the company has accelerated ahead on its exciting growth journey. The size of...

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By Amalie Widerberg On August 19, 2021

How We Celebrated World Photography Day with a GDPR-Compliant Photoshoot

World Photography Day, on August 19th, is a day to celebrate the rich history of all things photography! As a company whose...

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