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Fotoware for Law Enforcement and Defense

Solve criminal cases faster with a hardware neutral solution for Digital Evidence Management

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Manage all digital evidence on one central platform for better collaboration and higher efficiency in solving cases

Organize digital evidence

Make it easy for the right people to locate, examine and manage the appropriate evidence.


Securely share evidence

Share with internal or external parties like forensics, profilers, or prosecution. Transfer large volumes of files without jeopardizing data security, and always stay in control of who has access to which files. You can even integrate with the court systems using our RESTful API.


Upload and access from anywhere

With the Fotoware app, users can upload digital evidence while out in the field, from mobile, tablet, or desktop devices. Our solution is hardware neutral, so there are no limits for your organization.


How Fotoware can help you with Digital Evidence Management (DEM)

  • Comment and annotate

    Comment and highlight areas of interest on images for easy collaboration with your colleagues.

  • Never miss an update

    Set up notifications, so system users know immediately when new evidence is added or files are being edited.

  • Integrations and plugins

    Connect your DEM with Case Management or Records Management systems to seamlessly work in your critical tools.

  • Prepare for reporting

    Blur out faces, license plates, and other sensitive information before sharing assets with external parties.

  • Purge evidence

    Ensure compliance with necessary regulations by setting expiration dates to automatically revoke access to evidence.

  • Mobile app for police

    Upload and access evidence files from any device, anywhere - a crime scene, body-cam, drone, and more.

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Get our free guide on the 7 challenges of handling digital evidence and how to solve them for Law Enforcement and Defense.

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