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The perfect image management and photo workflow tool for handling large batches of files and data – preferred by photographers worldwide!

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Advanced metadata capabilities

Build advanced data structures with controlled vocabularies and hierarchical metadata, ensuring that all images are properly tagged and sorted. Editing metadata in FotoStation is easy, allowing for batch edits and relational metadata when relevant.


Customizable data workflows

Stack actions for advanced image- and data workflows. Populate metadata automatically with conditional macros that get triggered when specified tags are added to a file or send a file to a new location once specific tags change. The workflow oppurtunities are many in FotoStation and can be tailored to highly specific needs.


Connect with Fotoware DAM

Enable team members to work remotely, by connecting FotoStation to Fotoware DAM. The software can be connected to multiple tenants and storage units at once, accessing and editing files across locations. Its setup is highly customizable, and one can configure its editor, actions, and shortcuts to fit one’s specific way of working.

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What you can do

  • Desktop application

    Access, browse and edit your entire media library offline, including assets stored in the cloud.

  • Culling and selections

    Browse, compare, select, and reject thousands of images at top speed.

  • Fast search

    Search and find relevant assets in seconds.

  • Import lists

    Streamline metadata management with imported keyword lists.

  • Version control

    Compare and restore several versions of a single file.

  • Customizable metadata editor

    Tailor the metadata editor for your exact needs.

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