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License and Rights Management

Protect your assets by ensuring that only the right users can access them and trust that the assets are used correctly

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Stay in control of who can access your organization's assets and what they can do with them

Protect your image rights

Manage your image licenses and user permissions to prevent unauthorized or unapproved use of content that could result in costly license violations.

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Control access to your content

Give your users access only to the content that is permitted for their specific user role. Define who can view, download, edit, delete, or manage the permissions for each piece of content.


Safe and easy log-in for users

With Single-Sign-On (SSO), your users can log in to the system with one click, using their company credentials. No more hassle of creating, remembering, or typing multiple passwords.


How Fotoware helps you succeed with license and rights management

  • Role-based access

    Specify user roles and access levels: define who can view, download, edit, delete, or manage permissions.

  • Single sign-on

    Use SSO with Azure AD, SAML2, OneLogin, and more, to manage access and enable convenient log-in.

  • Content expiration

    Add expiry dates to your assets to automatically restrict access when it’s reached to prevent using outdated content.

  • Protect your originals

    View, read, or playback your content without the possibility of altering the original. Watermarks can add extra security.

  • Visual markers

    Small icons on your content show important information at one glance, like whether the content is available for use or not.

  • Version control

    See all changes made to an asset, incl. metadata and content changes, and restore a previous version if necessary.

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