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Media & Entertainment

Woman behind the camera at a movie set ©guruXOX - stock.adobe.com

5 min read

5 Reasons Why DAM matters in the Entertainment Industry

Feature image: ©guruXOX - stock.adobe.com

Whether you’re a broadcaster, production company, or theatre, visual content is a vital part of any business in the entertainment industry - sometimes even serving as the main product. As such, it should be no...

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How VRT use FotoWare to efficiently manage their content (© VRT - Thomas Geuens)

6 min read

Digital Asset Management in Broadcasting - A Case Study of VRT

Feature image: © VRT - Thomas Geuens

For about a year and a half, the Belgian broadcaster VRT has used FotoWare’s DAM solution to store and manage their media files. Through custom integrations and efficient use of metadata, FotoWare enables VRT to...

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Digital Asset Management for the Publishing industry

4 min read

Why Digital Asset Management is Essential for Publishing

Feature image: ©LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS - stock.adobe.com

Media and publishing companies have to move fast. Even the smallest delays can drastically reduce a story’s relevancy and results. The audience has never been larger, but neither have their...

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A case study of how Klambt Verlag automates the editorial workflow

6 min read

Fully Automating the Editorial Workflow: A Case Study of Klambt Verlag

Klambt Verlag is one of Europe’s larger media groups, originally founded back in 1843. Situated in Germany, Klambt publishes around 70 magazines, with content ranging from beauty and healthcare to food and other topics. They have a massive image archive,...

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The Financial Times

3 min read

How the Financial Times Enhanced their Image Workflow to Control Image Rights

The Financial Times is the world's leading global business publication with offices all over the planet. Now, during the COVID-19 crisis, all the Financial Times staff works remotely and is still able to produce both digital and print version of the...

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The FotoWare DAM app is perfect for media and entertainment

3 min read

3 Reasons Why Publishers Need a Digital Asset Management App

Over the past few years, the amount of new mobile apps has exploded. Many people rely on a combination of apps to benefit several parts of daily life, helping with anything from online dictionaries and grocery lists, to photo editing and even dieting....

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3 min read

How Media Companies Can Keep Up With Changing Tech Trends

The media landscape is vastly different today than it was just a few years ago. The emergence of new technologies is impacting the way companies in the Media & Entertainment industry create/publish content, and communicate with their audiences. 


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img-blog-4 solutions for media

2 min read

4 Ways Media Companies Can Work More Efficiently with Images and Video

Efficiency is absolutely fundamental to companies in the Media & Entertainment industry. In such relentlessly fast-paced environments, with deadlines to meet 24/7, it's critical that the process of publishing content is smooth from start to finish. The...

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OCF old times

3 min read

Why Should You Consider FotoWare for Your Production Workflow?

FotoWare came to life as a result of the news industry's need to embrace digitalization in order to continue telling important stories with world-class photography. Read on to learn why you should consider FotoWare for your production workflow.


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