By Alex Kronenberg On September 4, 2019

Building Meaningful Brands and Making an Impact in Women's Football [Interview: Xavi Bové]

Women's football is currently experiencing extraordinary growth in the wake of hugely successful international tournaments...

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By Olav Andreas Frenning On August 28, 2019

Why Folders Suck at Organizing Content for Teams

One pictureamong a thousand othersIn a folderneatly stored with hundreds of othersOn a shelf in a storage roomwith hundreds of...

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By Alex Kronenberg On August 21, 2019

Building Global Brands with Sports Influencers [Interview: Michael Joustra]

How can you work with influencers to grow your brand, encourage visitors to your e-commerce store, and increase sales? If...

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By Radmila Milenkovich On August 19, 2019

FotoWare is Among Norway's Best Workplaces

We're extremely proud that FotoWare has been acknowledged as a certified Great Place to Work®, based on independent research...

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By Eunbyeol Koh On August 14, 2019

How to Identify if You Need a Digital Asset Management Solution - infoMAX

Based in Denmark, infoMAX is one of the oldest partners that have worked with FotoWare. For the past 2 decades, infoMAX has...

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By Alex Kronenberg On August 9, 2019

How a Global Marketing Agency is Succeeding with Daily Vlogs

In the age of the content explosion, cutting through the noise is getting more difficult by the day for B2B companies. Yet,...

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By Radmila Milenkovich On August 7, 2019

Choosing Digital Asset Management with Frederic Sanuy [Interview]

Frederic Sanuy is a 25-year expert of the information technology industry, with Digital Asset Management (DAM), photography...

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By Alex Kronenberg On August 1, 2019

Norseman Xtreme Triathlon Challenger - Christian Schneider [Interview]

Meet Christian, a French business owner and with 10 years of triathlon experience, who will be taking on Norseman Xtreme...

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By Alex Kronenberg On July 31, 2019

Norseman Xtreme Triathlon Challenger - Kieran Ballard-Tremeer [Interview]

Meet Kieran, a Swimming Teacher from South Africa, who's training for Norseman Xtreme triathlon in the scorching Dubai sun! 


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