By Amalie Widerberg On June 15, 2021

How to Ensure GDPR Compliance Using Consent Forms

We recently announced the launch of our brand new consent management feature in FotoWare, which makes it easier for users to...

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By Eunbyeol Koh On June 10, 2021

Digital Innovation in Policing: Virtual Conference 2021

As the digital transformation continues across the law enforcement industries, digital evidence is becoming increasingly...

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By Alex Kronenberg On May 26, 2021

Introducing: The New Metadata Editor in FotoStation

Over the last year, we’ve been working hard to innovate and improve FotoStation - our single user image management solution....

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By Anne Gretland On May 21, 2021

FotoWare takes 2nd place in Equality Check’s 2021 ranking

May 21st is International Diversity Day, dating back to 2002 when the UN General Assembly declared this will be a day marking...

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By Alex Kronenberg On May 19, 2021

How Consent Forms in FotoWare Can Help You Ensure GDPR Compliance

Collecting consent for the use of photos and videos of employees can be a significant challenge for companies of any size. The...

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By Bettina Berntsen On May 12, 2021

FotoWare strengthens its position in the European market with the acquisition of Xenario UK Limited

FotoWare, a global pioneer and innovator in Digital Asset Management (DAM), continues its growth journey with new colleagues...

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By Amalie Widerberg On May 7, 2021

3 Ways Food Retailers Benefit from a Digital Asset Management Solution

Header image by Gemma at

Companies working in food retail are one of the biggest producers of digital content....

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By Mariana Mehedyniuk On May 5, 2021

DAM Integrations: Real-Life Examples and How to Start with the API

In the first article on APIs, we discussed what an API is and how it can be put to practical use to enhance a DAM system, such...

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By Bettina Berntsen On April 27, 2021

FotoWare wins Great Place to Work award for Best Workplace in Norway for the second year in a row

FotoWare is proud to announce that, for the second time in a row, we have officially been named Norway’s Best Workplace for...

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