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Customer Stories

3 min read

How DAM enables Bystronic to keep brand consistency across channels

Bystronic is a leading technology company in the sheet metal processing industry. Headquartered in Switzerland, Bystronic has provided high-quality solutions enabling the automation of the complete material and cutting as well as bending process chain.


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4 min read

5 Reasons Why Sydney Living Museums Moved to DAM in the Cloud

Photo by ©Sydney Living Museums


Sydney Living Museums (SLM) cares for a group of 12 of the most important historic houses, gardens, and museums in New South Wales (NSW), Australia. The primary goal of the SLM is to preserve and showcase Sydney’s living...

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2 min read

How FotoWare Helps Visa pour l'image Share the Best Stories from Around the World

Photo by Visa pour l'Image

Established in 1989, Visa pour l'Image is an annual international photojournalism festival that takes place over 15 days in the Southern-French city of Perpignan, France, from late August to mid-September. As the only event in...

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3 min read

DAM for the Healthcare Sector

Every year, the healthcare sector produces hundreds of thousands of clinical photographs that assist specialists in making the right calls for their patients. The volume of data that builds up over time requires a system to manage and catalog these...

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3 min read

How Queensland Museum enhances sustainability through digitalization

Photo: © Queensland Museum, Gary Cranitch

Queensland Museum in Brisbane, Australia, is a museum of natural history, cultural heritage, science, and human achievement that tells the changing story of Queensland. Queensland Museum networks include nearly...

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NTNU building Ⓒ Thor Nielsen

3 min read

How FotoWare helps NTNU digitalize their art collection

Feature image: Ⓒ Thor Nielsen / NTNU 

Over the years, The Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) has built an impressive art collection. Ranging from sculptures, paintings, and graphic prints to textile art and installations, the...

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How VRT use FotoWare to efficiently manage their content (© VRT - Thomas Geuens)

6 min read

Digital Asset Management in Broadcasting - A Case Study of VRT

Feature image: © VRT - Thomas Geuens

For about a year and a half, the Belgian broadcaster VRT has used FotoWare’s DAM solution to store and manage their media files. Through custom integrations and efficient use of metadata, FotoWare enables VRT to...

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Media Management at AMRO 2021

3 min read

Managing Media during an Arctic Mass Rescue Operation Exercise

As our society continues to evolve and innovate, we are constantly improving our chances of survival. However, this does not eliminate the risks of accidents or disasters, and several societies experience a pressing need to stay prepared if a sudden...

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3 min read

A Virtual Universe Dedicated to Food - Case Study of Meny.no

Meny is Norway’s largest grocery chain with 186 stores and part of NorgesGruppen, one of the biggest companies in the Norwegian food industry. They are passionate about food and have a mission of inspiring people and provide sustainable and...

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