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How PGS ensures full control of visual assets with Fotoware

26. February 2024

From documentation and data models to marketing materials and imagery, energy companies often experience chaos-like structures, where data and media files get lost or mixed in unorganized collections. In this article, we’ll explore how PGS solved such challenges with Digital Asset Management (DAM).


Managing data assets

PGS is a global geophysical company that gathers offshore survey data and uses vast cloud computing to visualize the earth. Energy companies rely on PGS' data when they explore, produce, or develop offshore resources for wind, oil & gas, or carbon storage. 

Employing advanced systems for the management of scientific assets, PGS set up its first digital media bank in the 1990s and updated their systems through the 2000s.

However, since the explosion of digital imagery and hybrid working, they have accumulated a lot of media files on various platforms. Finding, organizing, and sharing photos, videos, and other visuals with external stakeholders, the press, and the public had become time-consuming. This resulted in the management of data protection rights and restrictions becoming a growing headache. 

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With the Fotoware DAM solution, PGS has established a system to effortlessly store and manage thousands of files in one central place, where every asset is easily searchable and accompanied by all relevant information. This enables them to locate specific visuals in seconds, always knowing what restrictions apply to the file in question – a significant benefit when selecting materials for external communications. 

Fotoware-PGS-customer-story-Anders Otnes

— Working in the communications department at PGS, we experience massive amounts of visual assets being uploaded to the system. These must be continously managed in a manner that enables us to efficiently share selected content items with externals, the press, and the public. With the Fotoware DAM solution this job is easier to handle.

Anders Otnes

Digital Marketing Specialist at PGS

Efficient GDPR compliance

A notable challenge amongst all companies operating within the EU is GDPR compliance, and the Energy sector is no exception. For press releases, documentation, and external communications, it’s common for people to be included in images, which may require the company to gather explicit consent before using these.


GDPR Checklist

Use this free guide to ensure your routines are GDPR compliant when using photos of people.

By taking advantage of Fotoware’s built-in tool for consent management, PGS ensures efficient GDPR compliance when storing, managing, and using images of employees and other individuals. Should someone withdraw their consent later, all images where the person is present will be visibly marked with this updated information, further minimizing the risk of unapproved content being used.

— Our need for a system that allows for GDPR-compliant handling of images and data was an essential factor in our decision to implement Fotoware.

Anders Otnes

Digital Marketing Specialist at PGS

Fotoware-PGS-customer-story-oslo office

A scalable solution

For companies of PGS’s size, access control and security are of the utmost importance and have been a top priority when selecting the solution for managing their media files. While certain individuals need access to large volumes of files and data, others don’t, and it’s therefore not necessary for them to be able to browse collections that don’t specifically relate to their tasks. By establishing role-based access levels, PGS has optimized their media library for a multi-departmental, global structure, where the correct assets are available to only relevant people.

Since the entire Fotoware solution is based on metadata, its structures are highly scalable and customizable. In later years, PGS has taken advantage of this flexible structure, enabling them to sort through and organize assets by requirements relevant to their industry and work. For example, being able to sort files based on highly specific types of equipment or projects.

— We have a selection of customized keywords in the Fotoware solution that are highly specific to the business we’re operating in. This enables us to easily find images that would otherwise be difficult to locate or use correctly.

Anders Otnes

Digital Marketing Specialist at PGS


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