By Amalie Widerberg On September 21, 2021

FotoWare takes 10th place in the Great Place to Work European ranking

For the second year in a row, FotoWare was recognized in the Great Place to Work Europe award. This time, we were ranked 10th,...

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By Amalie Widerberg On August 19, 2021

How We Celebrated World Photography Day with a GDPR-Compliant Photoshoot

World Photography Day, on August 19th, is a day to celebrate the rich history of all things photography! As a company whose...

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By Amalie Widerberg On August 6, 2021

Fully Automating the Editorial Workflow: A Case Study of Klambt Verlag

Klambt Verlag is one of Europe’s larger media groups, originally founded back in 1843. Situated in Germany, Klambt publishes...

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By Amalie Widerberg On June 15, 2021

How to Collect and Manage Image Consent Forms in FotoWare

We recently announced the launch of our brand new consent management feature in FotoWare, which makes it easier for users to...

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By Amalie Widerberg On May 7, 2021

3 Ways Food Retailers Benefit from a Digital Asset Management Solution

Header image by Gemma at

Companies working in food retail are amongst the biggest producers of digital content....

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By Amalie Widerberg On April 21, 2021

Experiencing an increased demand after the introduction of GDPR

After the introduction of the EU's GDPR, FotoWare has experienced an increase in the demand for consent management. As a...

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By Amalie Widerberg On March 26, 2021

6 Challenges all Marketing Teams Face when Managing Digital Assets

Today’s marketing teams face a number of challenges with the 24/7 always-on nature of the digital era we live in. The need to...

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By Amalie Widerberg On March 22, 2021

Women in Data Science: Being Successful with Artificial Intelligence

Feature Image: Possessed Photography, Unsplash

It is not a secret that technologies built on Machine learning are all around...

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By Amalie Widerberg On March 17, 2021

How Lindex increases speed-to-market with the FotoWare DAM solution

Lindex is one of Europe’s leading fashion companies, with more than 65 years of experience and 4 000 employees in total....

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