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Top 5 FotoStation Features Users Love

By Mariana Mehedyniuk on May 11, 2020
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This May, FotoStation celebrates its 25 years anniversary 🎉 We are constantly updating and improving the product, yet some features have stood the test of time. We caught up with some long-time customers to learn why they have been using FotoStation for many years and what features they love.

We also supplemented all the points with some learning resources. So if you've just started with FotoStation, check it out and try some of the FotoStation's top features yourself.


1. Workflows

"The workflow is just perfect. I can find every photo I ever made and stored anywhere on an external hard disc. And it allows me to work fast, choose the right images, and fill out the recommended text fields."

(anonymous user)

You can build different workflows using FotoStation's Actions to automate working routines. Each Action contains a sequence of steps that can be combined to produce the result you need. Want to resize a picture, watermark it, add copyright information, and upload it to your FTP server? Check the Actions out



2. Updating Metadata In Batch

FotoStation shines in the metadata department. Batch metadata operations let you quickly add metadata to an entire collection of pictures. After that, you can scroll through the images one by one and add additional information. You can also use QuickLists of predefined metadata and SmartReplace to minimize the typing.

"We especially like how easy it is to search and structure metadata for our historical photos."

(anonymous user)


An example of metadata editing using FotoStation.

3. Printing pictures

You can quickly turn your digital images into physical, using FotoStation's printing capabilities. Simply choose a print template, set printing options, and print.  You can also automate printing in FotoStation with Actions.

"What I like best is the ability to create great image catalogs using the nine image per page template that includes metadata for each picture. I also appreciate all the other print templates that are available and have used many of them, from CD cover indexes to full-page A4."

(anonymous user)


4. Picture Comparison

The comparison tool helps you pick the best pictures in a series. It's simple: select the entire series, start Compare mode, and study each image in detail. Pick the best ones and reduce the selection until you've ended up with the picture(s) you plan to use.

FotoStation Compare View

FotoStation Compare View.

5. Culling and Selection

"The program has almost everything built in — very good, must also mention the carousel mode."

(anonymous user)

There are two ways you can select pictures in FotoStation: the full screen preview and the carousel mode. Try both and decide which works best for you. 



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