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Content Platform

Enabling you and your team to efficiently store, manage, distribute, and publish content – supporting an omnichannel strategy.

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Advanced metadata capabilities

Fotoware Content Platform supports most metadata formats, allowing for a highly customized setup. Build advanced data structures with controlled vocabularies and hierarchical metadata, ensuring that all content items are properly tagged and sorted. Editing metadata in Content Platform is easy, allowing for batch edits and automatically adds relational metadata when relevant.


Structured information

Whatever the format, whatever the complexity: Your content is organized in a strictly structured and connected way, with context as needed. This way, system users always have the context easily available when browsing through files, with related content items grouped together for improved performance. You can grow and develop your data models with schema.org and implement adaptive metadata layers, so each content item is accompanied by relevant and extensive information.

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Omnichannel content delivery

Publish the right content items to your channels and sites, all from one central platform. The Content Platform can be connected to a plethora of third-party systems, ensuring a seamless flow of content and data across your most important systems and tools. With a unified API and CDN-caching, you are sure to always have content items available, at the right platforms and channels. Integrate with your CMS, Brand Management tools, PIMs, or other systems, with the Content Platform as the headless base for all your assets.

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What you can do

  • Search, share, and download

    Find the right files in seconds, and share them with externals, download or export.

  • AI-powered auto-tagging

    Automatically tag selected assets without human interference.

  • Automatic content lifecycles

    Make content available to the right people, at the right time and for the right task: to review, release or use.

  • Export & embed

    Create links and embed content into your applications, web pages, campaign mails, newsletters, or social media posts.

  • Scalable and secure hosting

    Benefit from encrypted data transfer, secure backups, and data recovery with Azure Archive Storage.

  • Access control and activity exports

    Control who can see and download what files and create unlimited amounts of individual user-groups.


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