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Mastering content management in media: 5 challenges solved with DAM

2. May 2024

Today’s media companies must move faster than ever. Even the smallest delays can drastically reduce a story’s relevance and results. The audience has never been larger, but neither have their expectations, and content creators are always looking for new and efficient ways to stand out from the crowd and generate traffic at high speed.

In the ever-evolving landscape of media content, professionals encounter hurdles that demand cutting-edge solutions. In this article, we’ll explore five critical challenges, emphasizing the importance of customizable configurations, integrations, speed, and effective remote work in content management.

Fotoware autotagging with tags

Challenge 1: Content overload and lack of organization

Content managers often struggle with overwhelming volumes of digital assets, such as images, videos, graphics, etc., and the need for fast content creation, management, and distribution.

A Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution addresses this challenge by offering customizable configurations that empower professionals to streamline their media workflows. Through advanced metadata management, tailored configurations, and built-in tools for effective culling and selection, users can swiftly navigate through extensive libraries, significantly enhancing the speed of content organization.

Additionally, many DAMs also provide AI-powered auto-tagging tools, making object recognition a simple and automatic process, increasing the discoverability of digital assets.


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Metadata: status approved

Challenge 2: Collaboration bottlenecks and inefficient remote work

Collaboration is essential in the media industry, yet bottlenecks can delay several progresses, particularly in remote work scenarios. Therefore, media companies must invest in solutions providing efficient approval workflows, advanced access rights, and reliable processes for remote work.

Capable DAM solutions offer seamless collaboration by integrating with various tools and platforms. This ensures effective teamwork, breaking down collaboration barriers and enhancing overall efficiency.


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In addition, media companies do well in investing in a solution that provides a mobile app since this will enable content creators to upload and manage visuals on-the-go.

Challenge 3: Ineffective data- and version control

Maintaining control of each content piece, its metadata and versions is a persistent struggle for content creators in media, often leading to errors and inefficiencies.

DAM solutions’ emphasis on customizable configurations plays a pivotal role in addressing version control challenges. Media companies can tailor their DAM configurations to specific workflow needs, ensuring a smoother and error-free process with full data- and version control.

Markers for image rights and licenses management

Challenge 4: Staying on top of image rights and licenses

Keeping track of image rights and licenses is essential in the Media & Entertainment industry. However, it's not always a straight-forward task. Getting this wrong can leave your organization facing hefty fines for copyright infringement, so it's vital to choose a solution that manages not only content items, but also their associated data.

By facilitating metadata management, DAM solutions enable users to navigate the complex landscapes of rights management and compliance. This can be done with built-in metadata-editors, that are customized to fit highly specific and advanced needs.

Fotoware: Integrate with API

Challenge 5: Ensuring seamless content distribution

Between the processes of creating and publishing content, there's a lot of data that needs to be controlled effectively. For many media companies, this will involve labor-intensive manual tasks like image enhancement and resizing, file and format conversion, internal and external approvals, and distribution of content items to multiple platforms.

Integrating your systems is a key step for streamlined publication processes. With a DAM at the center of your content ecosystem, your setup is optimized for an omnichannel strategy, since such solutions take care of multiple key steps in the approval and distribution workflows.


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In the dynamic realm of media content management, the challenges are numerous but conquerable. Customizable configurations, integrations, effective workflows, and the transformative power of AI stand as indispensable elements in the task of delivering high-quality content to the public.

Several media companies are looking into high-end technologies within the realm of content operations, including artificial intelligence, but lack the necessary structures to implement such resources. At Fotoware, we’ve developed a solution that’s scalable and prepares you for the future, so you can adopt new technologies and allow your content library to grow with the organization and the world at large.

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