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GDPR and Consent Management

Stay in control of photos and videos of people, and comply with data protection regulations

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Significantly reduce risk with a fully digital consent management solution

Quickly request and receive consent

Create, send, and manage consent forms for the people that will be photographed. Deliver the consent form straight into their inbox or let them access the consent form by scanning a QR code.

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Complete control of consent forms and images

Get a complete overview of who has or has not given consent for your organization to use their images in our user-friendly interface. Keep track of consent form status, usage rights, and expiry dates all in the same system that the images are stored and link consent forms to images of the individuals.

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Easily access every image of an individual

When someone wants to withdraw consent, access their images, or request that their images are deleted, Fotoware makes it easy to search and find any image ever taken of a person in the system so you can ensure that your organization is compliant with data protection regulations, like the GDPR.


How Fotoware helps you succeed with GDPR and consent management

  • Request consent

    Send customizable consent forms via email or QR code for easy and legitimate collection of consent.

  • Give consent

    Users can give consent from a PC or mobile device, add personal information, select usage rights, and more.

  • Link consent forms

    Attach the consent form to the images of the associated person to know if an image can be used and for what purposes.

  • View consent status

    Reduce the risk of violation by keeping track of status, usage rights, and expiry dates of consent forms.

  • Revoke consent

    Let users easily revoke consent to comply with data protection regulations like the right to withdrawal.

  • Access and delete images

    Easily search and find images of a person in the system when they request access or erasure of their photos.

Free guide and checklist

6 steps to ensure GDPR compliance for images. Download this free guide to learn how you can comply with the GDPR for images.

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