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Fotoware for Energy companies

For complete control in handling media files securely while saving time on content collaboration and distribution

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Ensure full compliance with data privacy regulations, reduce the risk of breaches, and increase productivity

Organize your content

Enabling your team to build an infrastructure through smart taxonomies and metadata for your digital assets, schematics, documentation, and more. Your assets will be easily searchable, enabling your team to find what they are looking for – wherever and whenever!


Stay on top of image rights and consent

Easily keep track of image rights and licenses, and automatically redact expired content to avoid accidental breaches and their costly consequences. With our digital consent management solution, you will also stay fully compliant with data protection regulations like GDPR.


Collaborate and share

Manage access for anyone across the organization and external parties for better collaboration, decision-making, and faster project completion! You can also predefine groups for accessing the system in self-service or build a public archive.


How Fotoware can help you

  • Ingestion tools

    Ingest large volumes of assets with ease from wherever you are. Metadata can be easily added and managed any time.

  • Powerful search and taxonomies

    Make it easy for users to find what they need using visual filters that also aid quick and consistent tagging.

  • Archiving and auditing made easy

    Stay in control of millions of images and system events. Easily monitor logs, trace asset usage, and create reports.

  • Save time with automations

    Build custom workflows to automate metadata application, image processing, asset lifecycles and much more.

  • Integrations and plugins

    Enable people to access content directly from their preferred programs and tools.

  • Asset security

    Specify user roles and access levels: define who can view, download, edit, or delete content, or manage permissions.

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