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Fotoware for Manufacturing

Streamline content workflows and accelerate product content management for a faster time-to-market

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A solution to establish a single source of truth and safeguard your digital assets

Organize your content

Make your assets easily searchable and enable your team to find what they need themselves. Build an infrastructure through sophisticated taxonomies and relational metadata for your product information, marketing materials, documentation, and other digital assets.


Collaborate across departments

Manage access for anyone across the organization and external parties for better collaboration, decision-making, and faster project completion. Predefine groups for accessing the system in self-service or build a public collection.


Optimize asset management with seamless integrations

Streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and keep full control by connecting existing software like PIM systems, design tools, and collaboration platforms for the most efficient asset utilization - thanks to our open API.


How Fotoware can help you

  • Seamless ingestion

    Ingest large volumes of media files with ease and quickly add metadata before, during, and after upload.

  • Powerful search

    Use intuitive keyword searches or browse dynamic folders to always find what you are looking for - fast!

  • Streamline workflows

    Create and configure automated workflows, ensuring that the right content is available to the right people, at the right time.

  • Organize product data

    No content without context: build advanced metadata structures to oversee all products and their relations.

  • Track and audit

    Trace where your product shots, videos, SKU images, or others are used. Track all actions performed on assets.

  • Brand portals

    Complement your online platforms with a self-service brand portal for partners, press, or others.

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