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Archiving and Categorization

Making media libraries organized and scalable with highly configurable collections

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Build sophisticated structures tailored to your organization, customers, and visitors

User-friendly search tool

Find what you need in seconds! Store your assets safely in collections and structure your content using metadata, so your team can filter based on file properties and contents, so there is no need to browse through folder structures or memorize filenames.

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Customize your collections to your needs

Streamline the archival process and improve accessibility by tailoring metadata set-ups including keywords, tags, and organizational structures to align with your specific archiving needs. Flexible options for metadata- and workflow management enable efficient sorting, retrieval, and long-term preservation of digital assets.


Multiple options for data management

One size does not fit all; the same goes for structuring content. We offer multiple ways of structuring data so that you can choose the system most beneficial for your organization.


How Fotoware helps you succeed with archiving and categorization

  • Search made easy

    Find the right content in seconds through effective, free-text keyword search.

  • Powerful taxonomies

    Classify and categorize your assets so you can create lists to filter and help find content faster.

  • AI-powered Auto-Tagging

    Utilize AI and automate keyword tagging, enriching your data with minimal effort.

  • Dynamic folders

    Keep your folders but make them dynamic, so they automatically stay updated with the right files.

  • Relational metadata

    Set up relationships for your data: if one part is known, so is the other.

  • Structured content

    Work faster with full control by establishing intelligent structures for your content and its data.

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