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Fotoware for Media

Streamline your content workflows to deliver the news of tomorrow with speed and precision

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Handle massive image feeds from all over the world with ease, and manage files from camera to publication in the blink of a shutter

New assets ready to roll in no time

Automate adding metadata to large amount files before, during, or after ingestion thanks to pre-ingestion tools like FotoStation, the market leading metadata-editor, to be able to search them by intuitive keyword search - to always find exactly what you are looking for!


Super-fast culling and selection

Quickly select the perfect photo you need to support your story! Effortlessly preview, rate, or purge images and make use of visual markers to see an asset’s usage rights, approval status, or more to avoid violations. Streamline your image management thanks to metadata-driven workflows to speed up your publication processes.


Integrate with the tools you use

Create a seamless experience when working in your favorite systems, such as your editorial system, CMS, or creative tools. Leverage the core of your ecosystem to build workflows to effortlessly send large amounts of images from photographers all over the world to publishing on relevant channels within seconds and with minimal need for manual work!


How Fotoware can help you

  • Efficient distribution

    Photographers on location can upload pictures from anywhere and any device and distribute them within seconds.

  • Build and customize your workflows

    Automate repetitive tasks in your image management processes with metadata-driven workflows, tailored to your needs.

  • Stay on top of image rights and licenses

    Keep track of image licenses and rights, incl. GDPR, and automatically redact expired content to avoid accidental breaches.

  • Ensure consistency in publishing

    Automate file conversion, resizing, output settings, and more to efficiently prepare images for distribution.

  • Archiving and auditing made easy

    Stay in control of millions of images and system events. Easily monitor logs, trace asset usage, and create reports.

  • Fotoware Mobile App

    Upload, organize, and distribute content directly from mobile devices. Perfect for photographers in the field.

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