27 Nov 2018

Super Recognizers in British Police using Norwegian Evidence Archive

Picture of Olav Andreas Frenning Olav Andreas Frenning

Facsimile from politiforum.no
The article was originally written by Torkjell Jonsson Trædal of Politiforum and published on their website on November 9, 2018. FotoWare has translated the article into English.

Previously, Politiforum has reported on how the London police recruit so-called “super recognizers”, who have extraordinary skills in recognizing faces they’ve seen before. This way, they can recognize offenders in forensic footage.

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30 Oct 2018

FotoWare Captured The White House

Picture of Bettina Berntsen Bettina Berntsen

Facsimile from Finansavisen Aug. 13, 2018.
The article is originally written by Journalist Henrik Charlesen in Finansavisen and published in the Norwegian newspaper Finansavisen on August 13, 2018. FotoWare has translated the article into English. 

When the White House Historical Association wanted to prepare and make public its image archive of 25,000 images, the organization chose Norwegian technology from FotoWare.

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11 Jan 2018

FotoWare and Imagga partner to deliver A.I. Auto tagging and Content-Aware Cropping for Your Photos

Picture of Radmila Milenkovich Radmila Milenkovich

The seamless integration of Imagga’s visual A.I. technology enables FotoWare’s users to automatically add keywords and crop photos in a new way. The A.I. solution is now available to all in FotoWare products.

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15 Nov 2017

Anne Gretland becomes the new CEO at FotoWare, starting December 11th

Picture of Radmila Milenkovich Radmila Milenkovich

FotoWare, a Norwegian software company supplying Digital Asset Management solutions globally, has appointed Anne Gretland as the new CEO of the company.

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