Success Story:
The White House
Historical Association

How Digital Asset Management has helped to increase revenue generation and reduce time-consuming manual work with images

"FotoWare has expanded our potential, broadened our user base, and allowed for the rapid growth of our collection."

The White House Historical Association was founded in 1961 by First lady Jacqueline Kennedy, and is a non-profit organization striving to protect, preserve and provide public access to the rich history of America’s Executive Mansion. They do educational outreach as well and work with other non-profits and other organizations to promote understanding and the history of the White House.




"The old system was very static and it wasn’t being updated with new material, so there wasn’t any incentive for people to come back more than once."

Stephanie Tuszynski
Director of the Digital Library (2017)


"Registered users of the Digital Library can now log in and save photos to an album, download images individually and pin materials to save them for viewing later."

Stephanie Tuszynski
Director of the Digital Library (2017)


“If someone wanted an image from us we had to do everything via email and then send them the file transfer through something like Dropbox, which was very labor-intensive and cumbersome for employees. Now, it means that something which previously took several days has been cut down to just a few hours.”

Stephanie Tuszynski
Director of the Digital Library (2017)

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