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How FotoWare Ensures an Award-Winning Customer Experience

By Amalie Widerberg on June 22, 2022
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While many companies think of revenue retention as a finance metric, we see it as a way of measuring customer satisfaction. As a software company, it’s impossible to ensure customer retention without considering their feedback and concerns. Nor can you expect to grow your business without offering enhancements to your products or services.

In today’s climate, habits and trends change drastically, resulting in software developers and vendors constantly evolving to stay in the game. At FotoWare, we’ve found that innovation and customer satisfaction go hand in hand. We’ve seen many examples of this, with some of our biggest customers staying with us after 15 - or even 20 - years. Recently, we were awarded by Viking Venture for having the highest numbers within customer retention and expansion among their portfolio's companies. We consider this a particularly good recognition since it shows that the organizations using FotoWare appreciate our solution and strategy.

img-radmila-stolz-150-new-viking-venture-event-green“Winning this prize among the Viking Venture Portfolio has been a great honor! Customer Experience is at the heart of everything we do in FotoWare - we have invested significantly in competency, people, and processes to support our customers in their most important workflows for their business.” - Radmila Stoltz, Head of Customer & Partner Experience

To mark the occasion, we wanted to share three steps that we believe are central to customer retention and satisfaction. All of which are necessary for a company’s growth and success.


3 Important Steps to Improving the Customer Experience

step #1 - continuously improve the product

Having a good product is seldom enough on its own. Since today’s society evolves so quickly, tech companies need to keep up with the changing markets and trends by continuously innovating and improving their product. To ensure a high Return on Investment (ROI) for our customers, we’ve recently enhanced our solution with new features, such as User Interface Integrations, Version Control, Enhanced Macros, and Consent Management.

img-blog-janniche-headshot-square-150-jpg“In today’s fast-paced climate, it’s not enough to have a good product. We need to continuously adapt and innovate to ensure that the users of our software stay ahead in their respective industries. During the past two years, we’ve launched several new updates to our products, including a consent management feature for GDPR compliance - the first of its kind.” - Janniche Moe, CPO

step #2 - Offer the best competences

It probably goes without saying that you'll likely not hit your targets without the right people on your team. At FotoWare, we’ve been on an extensive growth journey for the past few years, which has made it possible for us to improve our offerings, service, and support.

“A customer's DAM journey with large media files is more important than ever. It starts already with pre-onboarding, and it evolves as an organization grows. We have a team of experts that are DAM managers for customers, from continuously improving automation and workflows, training users, and strategically advising on the most demanding media processes. Customers can benefit from working with senior experts in Norway, Sweden, Denmark, the UK, Germany, and Switzerland, receiving support in different languages 24/7. Because the customer always comes first!” - Radmila Stoltz

step #3 - work together with customers and users

Even if you have a solid team and a good product, there’s still a chance you’re missing out on some customer satisfaction. At the end of the day, the organization that buys your product and/or services may not always share your thoughts and experiences, or the users may lack education or necessary knowledge to receive the full value from the purchase.

Therefore, we believe it is incredibly important to include the users in the discussion when new updates are made to the products(s) and make it as user-friendly as possible.

“For the past couple of years, we’ve strengthened our experience within UX to further improve the user experience. A part of this is putting strong efforts into becoming more data-driven and including FotoWare users in the product development, for example by performing user-testing throughout the development cycle.” - Janniche Moe

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To sum up

All in all, whether your company is successful depends on the success of your customers. If your product(s) and/or service(s) are not delivering value to others, it's impossible to thrive. Therefore, it’s always a top priority at FotoWare to ensure that our users' expectations and opinions are considered as we continue to innovate and grow.

“It is in our DNA at FotoWare to put the customer experience at the core of everything we do. For the past couple of years, we have also worked relentlessly on growing the competency, resources, and processes to offer even better customer care.” - Radmila Stoltz

Winning this award at Viking Venture’s 20th Anniversary signified that we are on the right track and that we’re living up to our four core values: Responsible, Caring, Passionate, and Innovative. While creating values is great, seeing them valuable in your customers' lives is even better.