Success Story: Klambt Verlag

How one of the oldest media groups in Germany streamlines their publications processes with FotoWare.

"When you look at a magazine, it is picture-driven. So, most of the content is pictures. On some pages, you will see 10-15 pictures, so that’s the main content: We make the story around the images. Therefore, we need FotoWare to find the best pictures we can get."

As one of the oldest media houses in Germany, Klambt Verlag has a long history of providing the public with a variety of stories and images. Today, they store several millions of digital assets in their DAM and run many thousand files through their system on a weekly basis.

>125 000 000 €



"We daily get thousands of pictures coming in through FTP, email, download, and so on. And it's very important for us to check these incoming files for things like copyright, usage terms, pricing. We have to check if there is a UID in each image, to find it again later, and what we also do is create an ‘image similarity’ value.”

Rudi Beck
DAM Administrator (2021)


"When something happens in the world, for example, it's the Oscar night, we might have someone there from 1:00 in the morning to 8:00 in the morning, and at the end, we have about 60- to 100 000 pictures that come in. Just in a few hours. And for us, it could be that we have the best picture of all, which makes us sell better than other magazines. So we have to go through them and sort them. And the job of the picture editors is to sort the files to check that everything is fine"

Rudi Beck
DAM Administrator (2021)


"Of course we have different departments working on different magazines so, but one of our main goals with a new editorial workflow is that we get a workflow that is the same for each magazine. […] And the process of using the metadata will make it easier for us to get a cleaner line. For example, this means also that somebody who works for another magazine can help, if he/she has more time we can take him/her and move him/her a bit if needed. That's one of the main goals with the editorial workflow: To get one way of doing the work."

Rudi Beck
DAM Administrator

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