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Icelandic Police and Hospital are the Winners of Media Management Award 2019

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In 2019 the winner of the Media Management Award was a joint project between Lögreglan - Reykjavík Metropolitan Police and Landspitali - The National University Hospital of Iceland.

About the project

It has been an excellent mark for the Digital Asset Management and Media Management industry. The implementation of the project was innovative on a world scale and collaboration of this kind had not been used before. The project emphasized the importance and the need to share information between institutions, as well as highlighted how technology helps those working to ensure the safety of society.

"This groundbreaking use of technology represented a major cultural shift in how these organizations operated, taking over 12 months to negotiate with lawyers, IT managers, network staff and Data Protection teams before work could start."
- Julia Hatfield, Reuters

The submission also outlined how the implementation of secure connectivity, new workflows, access control, and asset tagging, enabled the joint team to securely transfer information between their respective organizations to solve the crime.


The winners of the award gathered together in Reykjavik to receive the award by FotoWare's Icelandic partner - Steingrímur Fannar Stefánsson, Thekking. The uniqueness of the project caught the attention of the largest media in Iceland - Visit.is and Morgunblaðið, Mbl.is

"It was a pleasant surprise for us to be nominated for these awards and of course even better that we should end up as winners against these great projects," says Steingrímur Fannar Stefánsson about the award to the Morgunblaðið journalist.

"This shows us that we are working on a world scale and it is often necessary to remind ourselves that even though Iceland is not a large population, we have excellent expertise in the knowledge sector. Our good partners in the Police and the University Hospital of Iceland always want to do better. Of course, that is the key to success" Steingrímur said of the victory.




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The other finalists

The competition was tough, and the three finalists were almost inseparable, with very close scores. Finalists for the Media Mangement Award 2019 were:

Klaus Rüschhoff - Springer Nature, Germany

The media project made it possible for all employees to access more than 80,000 images from different photo agencies and locations, saving costs, making it possible to protect the license rights of the creators, enable editing, guarantee versioning, and complete all metadata around the images in a more straightforward way.

"At first, I want to thank my team (in Pune, India) a lot for the technical implementation. As well my other colleagues in Berlin for the permanent technical support. Last but not least, many thanks to Xenario for the support over all the years.

img-germancy-Klaus Springer-Nature-750px

The challenge of the complete project was to motivate all colleagues keeping the metadata up to date and normalized over all of our approx. 200.000 images. Storing images in an own image database (available for all) with correct and up to date metadata is the guaranty to find the image staff is searching for. [...] All image requesters must fill out a short form with information about planned using and additional information the user want to have in the image metadata. All this information will be added to the standardized and normalized image metadata.

We are using the FotoWare Enterprise with a partly customized web-interface towards all our editors, eight FotoStation Clients for power users, and the server-applications Connect and Color Factory for secure file transfers and to manage and automate the workflows in the background."

Julia Mant - National Institute of Dramatic Art (NIDA), Australia

Julia and her team at NIDA managed to archive 350,000 digital images from various categories, making it possible for students to download images so they can build their portfolio efficiently. Their Digital Asset Management is well integrated with active directory and external guest request.

The Media Management Award is an annual award lifting up the people behind great media projects. Would you like to nominate yourself, your team, or someone you know? Keep an eye on the award page, as the Media Management Award 2021 is just around the corner!


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