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Working with DAM

DAM Industry Trends — Research by FotoWare

27. October 2020

Today we unveil the results of the DAM landscape analysis! We have conducted a survey and series of interviews among our customers to get a sense of what the Digital Asset Management industry is about now and what can we expect in the future.

Keep reading to learn some key findings about the Digital Asset Management industry and access a full downloadable version of the report.


Most common challenges of managing digital assets (prior to using DAM)

  • Organizing digital assets (55%)
    With many respondents managing thousands of assets, there was a need for a system to process and access them quickly, especially as the amount of assets increases.

  • Metadata governance (48%)
    Without strong metadata governance, many assets are hard to find and in danger of remaining unused.

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  • Rights management and licensing (31%)
    Rights are managed through a variety of methods, e.g. credits and expiry dates, GDPR information, transfer of IPTC copyrights into metadata fields, and documentation of purchased rights.

  • Ability to share digital assets with multiple stakeholders (31%)
    Survey respondents were also concerned about the availability of assets, citing that all relevant departments, employees and external stakeholders should have easy access.

Digital Asset Management priorities for the next 12 months

  • Workflow automation (48%)
    With a growing influx of assets from different sources, respondents cited the importance of workflows to automate repetitive tasks. 

  • Enabling teams to access digital assets remotely (35%)
    Many organizations have changed their way of working since COVID-19. Having remote access to files is crucial when working from home and for disparate teams. 

  • Securing digital assets (35%)
    Allied to remote working, respondents see the need for strong security. When selecting a DAM system, users are likely to place a high value on a solution with relevant experience in high-security applications (such as government and law enforcement asset management).