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29. January 2024

How one of Scandinavia's biggest fashion retailers ensures fast speed-to-market and consistent branding across all platforms.

— It's very easy to see and understand what images we have, and what metadata we have on our images. It's really quite visible and transparent for all users to see, so that makes it easy.

Lindex is one of Europe's leading fashion retailers, with over 65 years of experience in the industry. With a presence in 18 countries, Lindex strives to keep up with global trends. The use of visual content plays an important role in showcasing their products to consumers both online and in 460 physical stores around the world.

  • 130,000


  • 2,000


  • 4,000




For more than 15 years Lindex has been using the Fotoware Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, together with FotoStation, to manage their vast library of images. This has enabled them to become a digital-first company, ensuring brand consistency and increasing speed-to-market, thanks to powerful automated workflows and integrations with their Content Management System (CMS) and Product Information Management (PIM) system.


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— Every image that is shot by Lindex should have a manner that we have agreed on with marketing and sales. That is to ensure that the image quality is high, of course, but also so that you get the 'Lindex feeling' when looking at an image.

Josephine Cederborg Wennberg

Tech Business Analyst


Ensuring fast speed-to-market

Every retailer needs to make sure that their products are available at the right moment and not a second too late. This goes for Lindex as well, who needs to be on-trend in 18 different territories, selling their clothing both digitally and physically from the moment a new season begins. Making new products available at high speed provides greater opportunities to generate revenue.


Collaboration between departments

With a staff of 4,000 people, Lindex needs to make sure that they have a system that makes collaboration processes as effective as possible. Having employees constantly sending emails to each other every time they need an image, or information about whether it can be used, would simply take up too much time.

Omnichannel brand consistency

With so many channels to influence customer purchases, it's crucial that the brand is represented consistently across all platforms. That means ensuring the right images are used in the right settings, to make sure that the Lindex feeling is present in every campaign.

— ...integrations are necessary for the publication and delivery process, and the PIM integration is key. It is crucial for this whole process, so we have complete data of all our garments.

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Automated pack-shot process

To help ensure speed-to-market, Lindex has integrated the Fotoware DAM solution with their production software, PIM system, and CMS. This means they are able to fully automate the process of moving images from the production studio to the website. Throughout this process, the images are tagged with important metadata like garment names and colors from the PIM system, as well as being approved by the right people along the way.


Shared image archives

By enabling a number of different archives in their Fotoware DAM, Lindex is able to ensure fast collaboration across departments. Once photos are approved, some will automatically be moved to an archive where store personnel can find and use them for prints in their own stores. This process is made easy by tagging each image with metadata, which makes the photos easily searchable for those who might need them, with all the necessary information attached to the file.

— From a technical perspective, working with these processes and integrations, and all the data flowing from one system to another, it works very well with Fotoware at the center.

Added Benefits

An archive for influence images

Lindex has also set up an internal archive for influencer images, enabling them to efficiently keep track of usage rights. 


Sharing inspiration across the company

Employees all over Europe can upload images to a shared archive. This enables the different stores to share inspiration with each other, and lets employees contribute to the Lindex brand.