Brand Asset Management System

Ensure brand consistency and keep the brand at the center of every message.

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What is Brand Management

Creating a strong, recognizable brand is quite a journey. But for your brand to become a success story, you need to manage it carefully so it can grow.

That’s what brand management is all about — controlling both tangible and intangible components of the brand to make sure it remains consistent and communicates your company values.



Powerful solutions for effective brand asset management

While brand management is not limited to tangible brand assets, it is a vital (and vast) part of any brand. Think about social media posts, printed brochures, and even LinkedIn profile photos of employees! All of these are brand assets. And, if properly managed, they can contribute to the success of your brand.

Photos from nature and travel displayed in a DAM interface on computer

All-files Compatibility

AI, PSD, 3D, tiff, PDF — there are lots of file types to deal with. FotoWare makes them all searchable, previewable in a web browser and easily shareable.


Organized Brand Assets

Loving your brand is loving your files! Store all your brand assets in one place and keep them neatly organized using metadata.


Simple and Efficient Workflows

Even the most creative work requires some mundane tasks. Set up workflows to automate routines and spend more of your time creating amazing content.

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Organize Brand Collections Using Metadata

Metadata is the heart that keeps your brand assets alive! Properly described, your content will be easier to discover and use correctly.


Work Seamlessly Using Plugins

Are you a marketing manager creating a PowerPoint presentation? Or a graphic designer using InDesign? Do it smarter with FotoWare plugins to find and insert brand assets directly in your documents and layouts.


GDPR For Your Media

We’ve got that covered! FotoWare uses metadata to track asset usage and publication rights, so you can instantly tell which brand assets can and cannot be used.



Share Files Easily

Are you collaborating with an external agency, or a freelance photographer, or simply want to send a folder to another department? Share the assets via a link that allows downloading high-quality originals.


Produce Content Fast

Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram... Do you post a lot and are tired of googling image sizes? FotoWare allows you to create a list of presets for every social media channel and produce a post with the right size image in minutes.


Ensure Brand Consistency

Track how your brand changes over time and keep it consistent! FotoWare allows you to create a clear collection of brand guidelines, graphics, and logos that anyone can find, admire and use.

How Brand Asset Management works for viastore's Marketing & Sales Teams

"A typical workflow is our approval process. Once the assets have been uploaded and categorized, the marketing team checks the quality, up-to-date-ness, and alignment to corporate design. Afterward, they can approve the assets and move them to the corresponding archive."

- Zornitsa Nenova, Marketing Manager at viastore

Our Customers

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