Maintenance and Support 

We know how important good support is for any product. That is why we include unlimited technical support and access to updates and new versions with all subscriptions with entering into a Software Maintenance Agreement. 

Software Maintenance Agreements 

What is included in the SMA? 

1. Unlimited technical support 

You are entitled to unlimited technical support via email from your reseller in the agreement period with a Next Business Day response time. 

Your reseller has escalation rights for your support tickets to FotoWare's 2nd and 3rd line support teams. 

Most resellers offer premium support plans (with shorter response times and phone support options) based on the Software Maintenance Agreement. 

In the event that your reseller is unable to provide a timely response, you can escalate your support case directly to FotoWare Support. 

2. Access to updates and new releases 

The SMA gives you access to security fixes, updates, service and feature releases, and new versions that are released in the agreement period. 

New releases are announced and made available for download in the Customer Portal, often with demo videos explaining new features in the software. 

3. Simplified license management 

SMA customers can access all their agreement and license information in the Customer Portal. 

Should a license break due to hardware changes or a computer be replaced without prior deactivation, SMA customers can reset their license in the Customer Portal 24/7/365. (Without SMA a license reset is subject to manual approval by FotoWare staff during business hours.) 

Site Licenses, Staging Licenses, and Redundancy Licenses are only available to customers with a valid SMA. Licensing models that do not require internet activation are also exclusively available to SMA customers. 

What is the price of a Software Maintenance Agreement? 

SMA prices are based on the current Suggested Retail Prices for Retail Licenses from FotoWare 

The SMA price is 18% of the license cost, and is billed annually. The first invoice is payable one year after you entered into the SMA (“Anniversary Date” as defined in the SMA). The SMA cost for that first year will be based on all licenses bought that year, notwithstanding when the different licenses were bought, if several were acquired at different times. The same goes for the following annual periods.  

What if I don't renew the Software Maintenance Agreement? 

You can continue using your Perpetual License after the Software Maintenance Agreement has expired (including the versions you've received access to under the SMA). Support will be limited to the self-help resources available on, and 

FotoWare and Certified Partners do not offer technical support to customers without a valid Software Maintenance Agreement. 

Where can I find the legal details of the Software Maintenance Agreement? 

FotoWare's Master Agreements can be found in the legal section on