By Lucas Kolberg On March 5, 2020

6 Reasons to Work at FotoWare as a Developer

Over the last few years FotoWare has grown a lot. Having originally started as a result of the media industry's need to...

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By Lucas Kolberg On March 6, 2019

Seven reasons to choose Cloud over On-Premise

Software as a Service (SaaS, aka. "cloud software") is a relatively new kid on the block. True, you may have used cloud...

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By Lucas Kolberg On September 23, 2018

Employee Spotlight: Lucas


Before I start telling you the story of my first week at FotoWare, let me tell you who I am. I’m 18 years and currently...

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By Lucas Kolberg On June 10, 2016

10 Reasons your CMS is not a good place to store your video and photo collection

It may be tempting to cut corners and use what you already have, but this might not be such a good idea.

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