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Announcing the Winners of the Media Management Award 2022

Announcing the Winners of the Media Management Award 2022

We are very pleased to announce the winners of the 2022 Media Management Award. 

The award honors organizations and individuals whose work with media files demonstrates innovation and provides impactful solutions to help others get full value out of their digital assets. This year was the 4th edition of our Media Management Award.  

After careful evaluation, the jury selected the three winners. Thanks to all of you who submitted so many wonderful stories! 



1st place 

Tourism Northern Ireland, Tourism Ireland, Failte Ireland

Tourism_Northern_Ireland  img-logo-tourism-ireland-mma2022-1  img-logo-failte-ireland 

Applied by Lynette Conlon, Digital Content Management Executive

Three Ireland-based tourism partners have joined forces for the first time in their history to create a shared DAM platform with the common goal of promoting the island of Ireland as a unique leading holiday destination.  

All three organizations had a demand for one single source of truth for their marketing materials to ensure a consistent brand message. Previously, all 3 organizations had stand-alone systems, but since 2018 the three partners have come together and collaborated to implement an integrated DAM solution to fulfill their common purpose. The new DAM not only enables the organizations to promote content, but also protect the assets by tracking and tracing data usage. 

The three organizations faced several challenges during the project. Implementing a DAM system for three different organizations that have similar goals, yet have their own organizational goals, comes with complications. Another challenge they encountered was agreeing on a collaborative taxonomy, metadata fields, mass uploading simultaneously, metadata integration, and project management. 

Communication and collaboration were the keys to solving the issues. They met and communicated regularly with all the stakeholders to discuss problems, development, and differences to create workable collaboration solutions that met one another's needs. 

After 3 years of collaboration, they have finally implemented a joint DAM solution which they call "Content Pool". Today, 95,000 assets, including imagery, video, audio and GDPR documents, are stored in the Content Pool. 13,000 users from the three organizations are actively using the solution. 

"The new DAM platform we implemented would help the organizations change how they manage their digital assets forever, through collaboration, honesty, transparency and accountability. We are very proud of how we have communicated and rolled out this project to the tourism industry helping them get back on track from the pandemic and continue to excel and tell their unique tourism story.” - Lynette Conlon, Digital Content Management Executive at Tourism Northern Ireland


2nd place

Bystronic Group 


Applied by Fabienne Flückiger, Head of Online & Social Media 

Bystronic is a globally leading technology company in the area of sheet metal processing. Bystronic has been an early adopter of Digital Asset Management, using their solution over the past 15 years to store and manage their organization's media assets for internal users. 

Bystronic has over 3,500 employees worldwide at more than 40 locations, and they needed to have one single source of truth to share the organizational media content with their employees across the world.  

Bystronic Group has several different portals, such as Training Portal, Branding Portal and Event Portal. Each of these websites is integrated with a common DAM solution to ensure media consistency across the channels. Currently, their DAM solution is connected to other external systems such as CPQ and PIM solutions. 

While using the DAM solution for different departments and purposes, Bystronic has implemented strict access control with Single Sign-On (SSO) so that only the right group of people have access to the right content. 

Implementing a centralized media hub for many channels through integration has brought about a high business impact. Bystronic is continuously expanding the DAM into new departments and business areas. 


3rd place 

Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art 


Applied by Shane Appleby, DAMS Administrator 

QAGOMA is a Queensland Government entity that looks after two galleries, the Queensland Art Gallery and the Gallery of Modern Art. Their collection consists of Indigenous Australian Art, Asian Pacific art and international artworks. 

The main goal of the DAM solution is to allow multiple departments to streamline the processes involved with creating print publications. The organization uses DAM to design a workflow that enabled Curators, Editors, Photographers, Artists and Graphic Designers to collate and collaborate on publication projects. 

The biggest challenge the organization faced while managing media was to find a way to protect our own official digital asset collections whilst also handling supplied images from artists. The issues with regards to copyright and the reduction of duplicates.  Collation of metadata for correct captioning in the finished publication was also a challenge. 

Their DAM solution has the capability to use Indexes and Syntax Filters to provide a single point of contact for users to both images we create as well as those provided externally.  This made it easier to manage for data management once projects comes to a close and assets need to be either purged or archived. Especially the use of actions and interactive markers provide easy to understand icons alerting users to the status of an asset as it travels through the Digital Asset Life Cycle for a project. 

Today over 750,000 assets are stored in the DAM solution, however this numbers is growing rapidly as the organization ingests historical images dating back to 1982, as well as digitization projects and creation of new content. They currently have 260 users from 30 different departments. 

img-mma2022-jury-andreas Andreas Gnutzmann
Principal Product Manager at FotoWare  
img-mma2022-jury-clemency Clemency Wright
Director at Clemency Wright Consulting  
img-mma2022-jury-olivia Olivia Schütt
Product Marketing Manager at FotoWare  
img-mma2022-jury-turgay Turgay Gül
Head of Unit at Polizei Hamburg 


Congratulations to our winners, and thank you again to everyone who entered!


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