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Work in batch mode

Save time when you transfer or process assets, edit metadata or approve content. Start actions with a mouse click or by using the functional keyboard shortcuts.

Raw performance

Forget yesterday's search and archiving experience. The usability and processing speed of FotoWeb Pro will boost the productivity of both you and those around you.

Powerful workflow tools

Create custom workflows to process and optimize your assets. Automate or schedule workflows or metadata ingestion for specific content, groups or users.

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  • Markers

A marker is worth a thousand words
A marker is worth a thousand words

Identify special attributes and asset groups with visual labels

The concept of visual markers, born in the workstation client FotoStation, has made it into the HTML5 interface. By adding interactivity we lifted this feature into a much higher usability level in FotoWeb.

Clicking a marker in FotoWeb can trigger a request to add information in a dialogue, force you to to complete required metadata fields or apply a file operation. This could be one of the configured actions or a workflow especially designed for that marker. The combination of markers, actions and workflows with web technology allows you to execute Webhook posts to any web server. Now you can integrate FotoWeb with other systems directly or through 3rd party middleware, without having to customize our product.

  • Selections

Search, browse, pick, move, drop, publish - done
Search, browse, pick, move, drop, publish - done

Intuitive search, filter and sorting options turn selection processes into fun

Browse selected input sources, the long-term archive or pick a subfolder as starting point. When needed, apply source and rating filters at any time, or drill down your search results with the powerful metadata taxonomy feature. Select assets with mouse clicts, the intuitive keyboard shortcuts or a mix of both - you can decide on your own and will get used to it quickly.

Get additional functionality and ativate the File Picker mode if you need to refine your selection. Each click on an asset will pick it, so you do not lose it when srolling through bigger selections. When done, the picked files can be processed like any other selection.

Pull the files to the top bar and you'll create a new selection panel, drag additional files to it, or merge selections. Pull or push files in that way from and to albums for saving your collections, feed actions, apply workflow processes, and move assets to the pin bar

  • Metadata!

Metadata is vital, get it done!
Metadata is vital, get it done!

Edit descriptive asset information as you've always wanted

File information and metadata matters. It's the base for successful archive searches. Access and distribution rules are defined on it, and it preserves the value of your digital assets. FotoWeb Pro provides the users with an intuitive approach. Activate the information panel to see the assigned metadata of the selected file. Just click into a metadata field and the view turns into a metadata editor.

Select multiple files to compare and edit metadata values of all marked assets in one editor. Hereby you can add or remove for example tags in the keyword field, unify the headline to one of the provided values, create a brand new caption or delete text content from other fields - everything in one intuitive batch process. The advanced taxonomy feature will provide you with lists of controlled vacabular, in a flat or hierarchical structure.

  • Versatile UI

It feels like a workstation, but it’s in your browser
It feels like a workstation, but it’s in your browser

You'll not miss any feature for managing your assets and collections

Archives, folders and taxonomy structures are your asset sources at the left site panel; the global search field, various filters and other options are on top, while the right panel contains the hideable information bar beneath albums and actions, which are the targets for your selection and worklfow processes.

The central thumbnail grid is the turntable of your daily work and presents your archived media in the most appealing way. Adjust thumbnail size with a slider, or switch between three different content views. Minimize the side panels to have an even larger view on your search hits. Browse content with infinite scrolling using the arrow keys on your keyboard or the mouse.

The same user-friendly approach applies also for organizing files with the consistent Drag and Drop feature. Simply pick files and drag them to albums, actions, the selction panel or the pin bar at the bottom of the interface.

  • Make it personal

Centrally managed, but user customized
Centrally managed, but user customized

Make it your own interface with personal settings

First decide what are your favorite places, collections, workflows and files. Simply tag those items with a pin. This is a system-wide function for tagging any kind of object as a favorite. Your pinned objects will be automatically sorted on top or marked in the repository for later purpose.

Bookmarks take you a step further, when you save your search status as a bookmark. All used search words, filters and archive selections will be saved. At your next working day, just open the bookmark and all filters will be applied, you will see all assets fitting to your search. In that way you can create custom searches and auto-filters, that you can use at any time. For example if you are working as a sports photo editor, simply save your search parameters for the Football Premiere League, Tennis US Open or Formular One as bookmarks.

Pins and bookmarks let users indvidualize their personal frontend perception by bringing out the most important items, to eccelarate their search, workflows and selection processes.

  • Workflow

You are going to love custom actions
You are going to love custom actions

Combine various operations and provide users with custom workflows

In FotoWeb Pro you are working from left to right, from archives into your albums and the actions, provided from the central configuration. Drag assets onto an action and they are queued until your selection is done, click the lightning icon and selected assets are processed immediately.

Customize actions and workflows based on a wide range of operations. Create simple file operations like copy and move, apply metadata tagging or run enhanced interactions with other systems. Actions can be combined with markers, for visualizing the succesful result of the processed workflow. Provide users for example with release and approval processes, or let them publish assets in your editorial system. If the operation is done, the processed files will contain a marker showing that it's published, released or approved for usage.

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Video makes a difference
Video makes a difference

As the use of video files for tutorials, news clips and other marketing purposes is sky-rocketing, you should try the advanced Video Module for FotoWeb 8.0. The optional module provides playback in all modern browsers, tablets and mobile devices. The built-in transcoder supports virtually all containers and codecs, providing flexible download options for different users.

Anywhere you go
Anywhere you go

Your assets are always available with the responsive FotoWeb for iPhone and Android, FotoWeb HD for iPad, and a mobile web interface for Windows Phone and other devices. Search or browse archives, and check the quality of pictures with the image zoom. Make selections and share them on a FotoWeb Screen to review your picks with your colleagues. Rate and prioritize pictures and send them to other users or systems in seconds. Upload files from your mobile phone after tagging them with metadata.

FotoWeb inside Adobe Creative Suite
FotoWeb inside Adobe Creative Suite

As a part of FotoWare philosophy of providing 'ease of use' to our clients, users can access and search their FotoWeb archives from the user interfaces of InDesign, Illustrator and Photoshop! The re-use of digital assets has never been easier. Simply 'drag & drop' pictures and graphics onto your InDesign template. Pictures can even be processed and enhanced automatically on the fly! Check out an image in Photoshop for editing, and check it back into the FotoWare system again.

Publish pictures directly to your CMS
Publish pictures directly to your CMS

With FotoWeb as your central repository of pictures and media files you can easily publish pictures to your CMS. The FotoWeb server will keep track on all published pictures, giving you total control. With the Selection Widget users can easily select and prepare pictures for publish in the CMS. Store a combination of enhancements as a preset for quick and easy one-click publishing.

Digital Hub
Digital Hub

Webhooks, permalinks and a new designed API enrich FotoWeb Pro operations with extensive interactivity, for integrating with other systems - without customization efforts. Active Directory (Cloud vendors charge for this) / SSO Single-Sign-On.

Seeing is Believing - Let us Show YOU!
Seeing is Believing - Let us Show YOU!

Recognize & Customize Archives
Manage Albums Efficiently
Search Everywhere Simultaneously
Broaden Folder Searches
Build & Use Taxonomies
Run Actions From Everywhere
Deploy FotoWeb Desktop
Include Audio & Video
Enrich Metadata on Ingestion
Drag & Drop Upload
User Interface
Monitor Feeds
Push Integration
Highlight Actions
Chat & Collaboration
Culling & Selection Tools

...and a lot more - so don't forget to book your totally awesome and free 20-minute demo!

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Looking for a Cloud Solution?
Looking for a Cloud Solution?

FotoWeb is also available on Microsoft Azure - with a 30-Day free trial. If you already have an account with Microsoft Azure, then it's very easy to get started.

Learn more about our Digital Asset Management in the Cloud