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It's time for video

Manage all your images, PDFs, spreadsheets, PPTs and Docs in FotoWeb and enjoy video support for the playback and streaming of your video footage

Let your assets shine

The new responsive and touch-sensitive interface presents your content in the best way, on large screens, tablets or mobile devices

Share with anyone

Create and manage individual collections with the new album feature and share them with groups, users or guests for collaboration or download

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Searching has never been this easy!

Searching has never been this easy!

Find the file by browsing your assets with powerful taxonomy structures

This hierarchical structure of descriptive metadata from selected fields lets you navigate e.g between cities in a country, between products in a product range, or even a combination of both!

Because details matter!

Because details matter!

FotoWeb makes your assets searchable by supporting the XMP metadata standard

Click a thumbnail to get to the detailed view. It provides a larger preview with a hires HTML5 zoom function and a side bar with the most important metadata information.The different metadata types are split into descriptive text fields and file information. If you need to correct metadata of a file, simply click a displayed field and the view turns into a metadata editor.

The preferred tool for 'Work in Progress'

The preferred tool for 'Work in Progress'

The intuitive action bar provides powerful processing actions at your fingertips

Refine selections, run actions, assign workflow processes or simply download files. Based on pre-defined settings, different renditions of images can be downloaded on demand. Assign rights for archive maintenance, let users move or copy files between archives and folders. Run the process by clicking the action button, either on your desktop, or on a tablet, benefitting from the touch-friendly design of FotoWeb.

Efficient collaboration with online comments

Efficient collaboration with online comments

The social collaboration tools add a new dimension to archive and production management

As more and more people work remotely, the online commenting feature in FotoWeb 8.0 help users interact and discuss specific assets or entire collections of files. For social interaction with portal visitors or crowd sourcing projects you can activate Facebook commenting.

Let Google find your assets

Let Google find your assets

FotoWeb 8.0 is optimized for search engines

Your archived assets can be crawled, indexed and shown in result pages of Google, Bing or Enterprise Search Portals if you want them to.

Share collections of assets using albums

Share collections of assets using albums

The albums feature allows you to create and manage individual collections

Users can invite groups, registered users and guests to their virtual albums. File sharing, asset distribution and workgroup tasks can be fulfilled without compromising security, and can significantly improve operational efficiency of organizations. You can even mark an album as a "Showcase", which means it will be available on the front page of FotoWeb together with your archives.

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Video makes a difference

Video makes a difference

As the use of video files for tutorials, news clips and other marketing purposes is sky-rocketing, you should try the advanced Video Module for FotoWeb. The optional module provides playback in all modern browsers, tablets and mobile devices. The built-in transcoder supports virtually all containers and codecs, providing flexible download options for different users.

Anywhere you go

Anywhere you go

Your assets are always available with the responsive FotoWeb for iPhone and Android, FotoWeb HD for iPad, and a mobile web interface for Windows Phone and other devices. Search or browse archives, and check the quality of pictures with the image zoom. Make selections and share them on a FotoWeb Screen to review your picks with your colleagues. Rate and prioritize pictures and send them to other users or systems in seconds. Upload files from your mobile phone after tagging them with metadata.

FotoWeb inside Microsoft Office

FotoWeb inside Microsoft Office

As a part of FotoWare philosophy of providing 'ease of use' to our clients, users can access and search their FotoWeb archives from the user interfaces of PowerPoint and Word! The re-use of digital assets has never been easier. Simply 'drag & drop' pictures and graphics onto your PowerPoint slide.

Publish images directly on your CMS

Publish images directly on your CMS

With FotoWeb as your central repository of pictures and media files you can easily publish pictures on your CMS. The FotoWeb server will keep track on all published pictures, giving you total control. With the Selection Widget users can easily select and prepare pictures for publish in the CMS. Store a combination of enhancements as a preset for quick and easy one-click publishing.

Seeing is Believing - Let us Show YOU!

Seeing is Believing - Let us Show YOU!

Create & Share Albums
FotoWare Desktop
Run Actions From Anywhere
Work With Audio & Video
Enrich Metadata Ingestion
Search Everywhere at Once
Customize & Recognize Archives
Manage Albums
Drag & Drop Upload
Display Metadata
Monitor Feeds
Push Integration
Highlight Actions
Chat & Collaboration
Culling & Selection Tools

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Want FotoWeb in the Cloud?

Want FotoWeb in the Cloud?

FotoWeb is also available on Microsoft Azure - with a 30-Day free trial. If you already have an account with Microsoft Azure, then it's very easy to get started.

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