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Loving Your Brand is Loving Your Files

Love your brand by organizing and protecting your most important files. Keep all your material up-to-date with FotoWare Digital Media Library. 

  • Organize, Distribute & Manage

    Organize, Distribute & Manage

    Make your assets available everywhere at any time, under your control. Focus on the processes that matter to you and empower your team to find, organize and manipulate content easily.

  • Brand Management

    Brand Management

    Keep track and manage how, where and who is using your brand material, maintaining control over the entire process with a single tool.

  • A Better Life for Your Images

    A Better Life for Your Images

    Improve and speed up the way you cooperate with your team and external parties when working with your branded content. All your important files are stored safely on the Microsoft Cloud.

  • Your Visual Hub For all the Files Your Love
    Your Visual Hub For all the Files Your Love

    FotoWare is your custom brand portal for all your images, graphics, photos, videos and documents. Store your files in a central repository and organize, distribute and approve content on demand. It's so much more than just file storage!

  • Your Visual Hub For all the Files Your Love

  • Great UX with plugins for PowerPoint, Word and Adobe InDesign!

  • Accessible at Your Fingertips
    Accessible at Your Fingertips

    Search large collections in seconds with FotoWare's intuitive search, or use filters and SmartFolders to instantly find your creatives. Increase your content's lifecycle and correctly and safely reuse and repurpose your graphics as you retain complete publishing records for all your assets.

  • Accessible at Your Fingertips

  • Sharing Files is Simple & Intuitive
    Sharing Files is Simple & Intuitive

    Gain control over the sharing and distribution of your brand material. Collaborate on individual files or groups of assets. Share files within your organization and with third parties. Get your work delivered securely, correctly and at the right location - on time.

  • Sharing Files is Simple & Intuitive

  • Save Time & Ensure Consistency with Widgets and Webhooks

  • User Roles & Automation
    User Roles & Automation

    Assign different viewing, editing or downloading permissions to different groups within, or even outside, your organization. Schedule, approve and revoke content on demand or just automate repetitive tasks to free up time. The power lies in processes that can be tailored to your exact needs.

  • User Roles & Automation

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user/per month
  • Store and Share Any Type of File
  • Guest Portal and External Sharing
  • 10 GB Data Included Per User
  • 5 User Minimum. Paid Yearly.
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user/per month
  • All Features of Starter
  • Embed Videos in Any CMS
  • Order and Approval Workflows
  • Multiple Asset Repositories
  • Unlimited Authenticated Portal Users
  • Custom Domain Name
  • 10 User Minimum. Paid Yearly.
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user/per month
  • All Features of Business
  • Build Custom Workflows
  • Microsoft Office Plugins for Portal Users
  • SSO with Azure AD and SAML2
  • API Access
  • Whitelabelling
  • Phone Support
  • 99.95% SLA
  • Includes 5 Hours Startup Consulting
  • 10 User Minimum. Paid Yearly.
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Scale to Your Needs

Scale to Your Needs

Additional storage is billed in 250GB increments at $90 per month, or prepaid at $175 for 1TB per month.

Network traffic is included in our prices, based on our fair-use policy which includes as much egress network traffic as storage provisioned per month. If you exceed the quota over consecutive months, we will contact you with options to extend your storage plan. Ingress network traffic is free, so just send us those files right away!

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