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Automate your workflows

Work smarter, faster, and more securely with customizable automations

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Do more with your content while ensuring operational excellence and maintaining the highest standards.

Consistent quality content

Save time for you and your team by automating repetitive processes and reduce mundane tasks. Fotoware ensures that you can produce your content with consistent high quality, helping you to process large volumes of files with ease – including automatic metadata editing, image resizing, online publishing, access control, and more.

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AI-powered content enrichment

Enrich your content automatically with keywords, brands, Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and more. Save time for you and your team to focus on value-bringing activities and projects.


Always compliant and up-to-date

Ensure that people only access and use the files they are permitted to by building a customized set-up for access and user rights. Mark files to communicate their statuses and special instructions to avoid faulty usage and comply with privacy regulations.


The benefits of automating with Fotoware

  • Visual markers

    Use intuitive markers to show or explain important information about your digital assets to users.

  • Approval processes

    Ensure only approved ans up-to-date assets are used with clear documentation trails.

  • Notifications

    Enhance internal collaboration by notifying users when specific changes occur to an asset or its metadata.

  • Controlled access

    Define user access levels to easily control view-only or download rights for different types of users.

  • File processing

    Process large volumes of files at high-speed, and add or edit metadata before, during or after ingestion.

  • Quick renditions and presets

    Save time on converting and resizing files by enabling pre-defined renditions for download and export.

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