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Consent Management in 1 Minute

Since photos can be classed as personal data, the way you manage these files must comply with data protection regulations, such as the GDPR. In this 1-minute video, see how Consent Management in FotoWare makes it easy to keep track of photos of people and their usage rights.


How FotoWare helps you to comply with data protection regulations like the GDPR

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Easily Request Consent

Request consent from individuals by sending a personalized consent form via email directly from your FotoWare. You can also create a QR code for occasions where it isn't possible to send forms via email.

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Give Consent on Mobile

Once a user receives a consent form, they can quickly and easily give their consent via the FotoWare Mobile App, adding personal information, selecting usage rights, and more.

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A Full Overview of Consent

Get a complete overview of who has or has not given consent. Keep track of consent form statuses and usage rights in one central system, so you always know where to look.

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Tag Images of Employees

Tagging images with the name of the employee or their employee ID numbers means you can easily keep track of who you have images of and find them by searching based on those tags.

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Set GDPR Consent Status

Keep track of whether you have consent to use photos or videos of people in your organization, and easily update when a data subject withdraws consent at any time (re GDPR Article 7).

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Assign Image-Use Rights

Every image can display a visual marker to show the user whether they have permission to use it and where: on social media, the website, in print or internally and externally.

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Quickly Approve Images

Save significant amounts of time by letting staff approve their own images quickly and easily. After sharing the images with them, all they have to do is simply select the images they like with just one click of a button!

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Search and Find Images

When a data subject exercises their GDPR right to access, withdrawal, or erasure, our powerful search feature means that you can be certain of finding every image of that person in your organization's possession.

How enterprise companies use FotoWare to comply with the GDPR for images

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Do you know how GDPR impacts your organization's use of images?

If a person can be identified from a photo or video, it can be classed as their personal data. This means you have to handle that data in accordance with the GDPR, just like you do for data about your customers or marketing prospects. This can also apply to photos and videos of people, such as employees, in your organization.

More specifically, you must pay careful attention to these three sections of the GDPR:

Article 7 (3)

This is also referred to as the Right to Withdrawal, which gives data subjects the right to withdraw their consent at any time. They must be fully informed of how to do this and it should be as easy as giving consent.


Article 15

This is also referred to as the Right to Access and ensures that all data subjects have the right to obtain confirmation and information from the data processor about their use of the subject's personal data.


Article 17

This is also referred to as the Right to Erasure (or the Right to be Forgotten) and it enables the data subject to request that an organization erases all the personal data that they have about the data subject.


Essentially, you need to be able to easily find, delete, or change the consent status of any image your company has of its employees. If you can't reliably do this, or don't have any processes set up, it's highly likely that your organization is breaching the regulations in how it handles this personal data of its employees.

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FotoWare empowers organizations to be GDPR-compliant through proper use of its Digital Asset Management system, and cannot advise on any legal aspect of the GDPR.
FotoWare makes no representation, warranty or guarantee of GDPR-compliance when using the product.

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