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that saves you and your team
hours of time.

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FotoWare for Marketing & Communications Teams

Easily update, create, organize and share marketing materials across the organization and with 3rd parties like sales, the ad agency, and media.


Consistent Brand Identity

Keep track and manage how, where and who is using your brand materials. It is easy with FotoWare.


Team Collaboration

Improve and speed up your team and external agencies cooperation when working on your assets.


Powerful API

Use API to integrate FotoWare with the rest of your martech stack and ensure a consistent brand identity.

Why FotoWare is Instrumental to Elbphilharmonie's Marketing

"We have started the journey, and have received very positive feedback from our colleagues who say the system is simple and intuitive to use. That is one of the most important factors to make sure that the system will be used effectively in the coming years. And that brings us one big step ahead."
- The Elbphilharmonie, 2019

Trusted by Global Brands

FotoWare's DAM makes your assets available anywhere and anytime under your control.

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Key Features

Easily Search with Keywords


Keywords, or more correctly put 'Metadata'. It is the blood that keeps your brand assets alive! Properly described, your content will be easier to discover and use correctly.


Share Your Files Fast

Are you collaborating with an external agency or want to send a folder to another department? Share the assets via a link that allows downloading the high-quality originals.


Work Seamlessly Using Plugins


Need to create another PowerPoint presentation? Do it smarter with FotoWare plugins to find and insert brand assets directly in your documents and layouts.


Crop and Download


Do you post a lot on social media and are tired of googling image sizes? Create a list of presets for every social media channel and produce a post with the right size image in minutes.


Work Within Your CMS


Stop downloading and uploading files to your CMS. Integrate FotoWare and share your media files directly to your website or blog, for example.


GDPR For Your Media


Use workflows to work with GDPR compliance on images. Ensure that you only use images or videos of employees on your website that they have consented to, for example.


The FotoWare Mobile App 

With the FotoWare mobile app you and your team can work even more efficiently! Manage media files and collaborate with other team members on your phone.

Available on Android and iOS




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