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Real-Time Content Feeds

Real-Time Content Feeds

Get on top of your massive picture and video feeds. Avoid duplicate content, maintain metadata consistency, and purge outdated content automatically.

High-Quality Image Control

High-Quality Image Control

Ensure consistent image quality using automated workflows. Get a good overview of all available material and effectively select the best pictures for use.

Extreme Performance

Extreme Performance

Create, preview, and select a large number of images on a tight deadline. Your important content can be processed and distributed automatically.

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Timely Content Creation, Delivery, and Curation in a Self-Service Web Portal
Publishing a story requires effective management of asset selection, powerful workflows, great storytelling, the ability to meet critical deadlines, and not least monetization.

Why the Financial Times chose FotoWare

"We’ve expanded the ability to source images from some users in our London office to about 150 people in offices throughout the world. People can choose their own images easily, put them into our content management system and use the images. It has democratized the whole workflow system."


Trusted by over 400 media companies worldwide


"With FotoWare, 100 photo editors at 24 locations publish 1,000 photos per day from a daily newsfeed of 25,000 images"

Julian Zerdick, Editorial Content


"We halved our support costs from the old system and now have more control over the software because we understand it much better"

Andrew Watkins, Senior Developer

Verdans Gang

"FotoWare is one of the most important tools in the newsroom for editing and applying metadata, to find the right image later"

Gisle Oddstad, Head of Photo Department

img-web-media-entertainment-graphic-png-transparent-eBook-2How Media & Entertainment Companies are Coping with the Content Explosion

Download the E-Book to learn how companies in the Media & Entertainment industry are able to effectively store, find, manage, and share large volumes of content with seamless efficiency in a fast-paced, 24/7 environment. Discover the four foundations that are key to successful efficient media management, and how to thrive in these with Digital Asset Management.


Key Features

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Easy Ingestion of Content

Photographers on location can easily upload their pictures directly from anywhere in the world. Use our smartphone or tablet apps to tag and upload files in a snap.


Organize and Quickly Find Your Files

Organize your content with metadata, use taxonomies to find and filter assets. Assign metadata rules to maintain consistency and get your content ready on time.

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Effective Collaboration Processes

Monitor your image feeds in real-time. Reduce time to publish with powerful tools to pick and compare assets. Collaborate internally and externally using the comment function.


Access and Approve Anywhere, 24/7

Asset availability and sharing is at your fingertips. FotoWare integrates with Active Directory for seamless user management and access control.

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Color Management and Image Enhancement

Ensure consistent color reproduction and use optional intelligent image enhancement filters to improve your pictures. Easily color convert PDFs, and images to CMYK, in preparation for print.

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Edit Images Within Your Favorite Software

View and edit pictures stored in the FotoWare system from the Photoshop side panel, place them in an InDesign layout, or add them to an Office document or presentation.


Publishing in a Consistent Way

Automate file format and color space conversion, ICC profile tagging, image resizing, and output dpi setting to prepare pictures for print.

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Archiving and Auditing Made Easy

Oversee system events. Monitor logs easily, create royalty reports, and monitor usage data.

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