Digital Asset Management for Museums and Heritage Collections

A solution for digital preservation and distribution of heritage and culture



The perfect guide for DAM users: Succeeding with Taxonomies

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Image tracking, archiving and distribution for museums, galleries and archives worldwide

Make your archives web-accessible and facilitate collaboration among digital librarians, museum technologists, curators and any third-parties.

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All in one place

Store all kinds of digital assets such as artworks and collections, exhibitions, and all events and activities associated with the organization in a single central hub. Access your digital assets wherever you are.

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Share with anyone

Easily share and collaborate across departments within the organization, and also externally with third parties and the public. You can let specific groups of people access the system themselves to find important information.

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Save time with automation

Are you doing the same things over and over? Create custom workflows and automate processes: metadata application, image processing, file transfer and much more are only a click away!

How the White House Historical Association uses FotoWare to Preserve its Iconic History

"Before, if someone wanted an image from us we had to do everything via email and then send them the file transfer through something like Dropbox, which was very labor intensive and cumbersome for employees. Now, it means that something which previously took several days has been cut down to just a few hours."



"Previously, there was no single source of files. The photo department needed a tool to get an overview of all the assets, so we decided on a Digital Asset Management system."

- Vidar Ibenfeldt, Photo Archivist at National Museum of Norway

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Key Features



Use metadata and robust taxonomies to ensure that each digital asset is accompanied by the appropriate information, image provenance data, and infrastructure for digital preservation. 

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Workflows & Automations

Workflows and Automations

Automate repetitive processes such as file conversion, resizing, print dpi and more. Manage duplication and eliminate redundant storage systems.

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Sharing & Distribution

Share and Distribute

Work together with departments within or outside your institution. Invite collaborators to the web platform via email and enable commenting directly on collections.

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Integrations & Plugins

Integrations and Plugins

Connect your DAM to 3rd party software and work natively with your files. Easily embed images into PowerPoint, Word, and InDesign with our ready-made plugins. 

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Easily embed images in WordPress, Joomla, eZ Publishing or any other web CMS. Access, tag, ingest or showcase your web collection on mobile or tablet with apps for iOS and Android.

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GDPR & Copyright

GDPR and Copyright

Keep track of important information like image-use rights, copyright licenses, and employee GDPR consent. 

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Get a 30-minute free demo to see how FotoWare could work for you. We will customize the demo to your needs.

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