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Video: How to Be GDPR Compliant With the Help of Digital Asset Management

By Radmila Milenkovich on August 9, 2018

The GDPR hype is fading but your work on GDPR shouldn’t.

FotoWare has ticked the boxes on being GDPR compliant, however, we are continuously living by the value of respecting users right's of privacy. This continuously brings up discussions on other ways to be better with working with personal data. Two members of the marketing team at FotoWare, Bettina Berntsen and Radmila Milenkovich, sat down to discuss the ways in which Digital Asset Management is used to support the process of getting GDPR compliant. 

Learn from our Product Marketing Manager on what you need to take into consideration when managing your Digital Asset Management to help you in the GDPR work. 

In this 6 minutes video we discuss: 

  • How do we use FotoWare’s Digital Asset Management Solution in our GDPR work?
  • How is metadata vital in managing personal data?
  • How do you gain better control over historical data?


Want to learn more on how Digital Asset Management can help you with GDPR? Read this blog post from FotoWare's Data Protection Officer. 

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