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How Museums can Streamline Digital Image Workflows - By Queensland Art Gallery | Gallery of Modern Art

Learn how museums and galleries can speed up image workflows and improve collaboration.

GDPR, marketing

The state of GDPR for HR, Marketing, and Communications in 2022

Hear from industry experts and get the latest insights on how the GDPR is impacting HR, Marketing, and Communications teams in 2022 and beyond.


How the Financial Times Transformed their Image Workflow

Discover how this world-leading publication has automated their image workflows to improve rights management and much more!


How to Manage Large Amounts of Images with FotoStation and FotoWare

Learn how to build a powerful workflow to handle large amounts of files with FotoStation and FotoWare - and how to use FotoWare beyond image management.

tip tuesday

Introducing Metadata Macros on Ingestion & Large Upload

We'll dive into two popular new features introduced in the latest release: Metadata Macros on Ingestion and Large Upload.

tip tuesday

The differences between the FotoWare clients, and how to choose the right one

FotoWare Main and Pro interfaces, and FotoStation Pro and Client interfaces - which one is the best for you?

tip tuesday

Version Control: Keep track of the latest versions of your files

Want to track how a file has been changed over time? Discover what you can do with the new Version Control feature and how to get started with it.

tip tuesday

Introducing User Interface Integration

Access a 3rd party system and immediately look up information within your FotoWare solution using User Interface Integration.

tip tuesday

Asset Linking for Consent Management

Take a sneak peek of the new Asset Linking feature for the Consent Management, including a step-by-step guide on how to set it up, and tips & tricks!


How to Automate your Retail Image Workflow - featuring Lindex

Discover how one of the world's biggest retailers ensures speed-to-market and brand consistency with automated image workflows.

GDPR, marketing

How to Ensure GDPR-compliance with Corporate Image-use

Managing images of identifiable people, such as employees, can be an incredibly difficult. Discover how FotoWare can help to ensure GDPR compliance with images.

GDPR, marketing

GDPR og bildebruk i bedriften - hvordan administrere dette effektivt (in Norwegian)

I dette webinaret går vi gjennom bakgrunnen for denne utfordringen og viser hvordan du kan bruke FotoWare for å administrere dette effektivt og sikkert.

media, marketing

Learn how the Belgian broadcaster VRT, streamlines branding and information synchronization

Discover how VRT uses Digital Asset Management to ensure automatic metadata syncing between different systems as well as consistent and efficient branding of digital assets.


How to Speed Up your Photography Workflow with FotoStation

Discover how brands, agencies, and individuals can use Digital Asset Management, plus tips and tricks to speed up your photography workflow.


7 tips for å sikre konsekvent merkevare (in Norwegian)

I dette webinaret vil du lære hvordan fremgangsrike bedrifter organiserer sitt markedsmateriale for å arbeide mer effektivt og sikre en konsekvent merkevare.

tip tuesday

Best Practices for Sharing Content

Learn all you need to know about sharing digital assets with FotoWare, for example how to create albums, exporting files, and distributing files.

tip tuesday

Streamline Workflows with Interactive Markers

By using markers and getting live notifications, you and your team can easily know what content is available for use, when, where, and how.

tip tuesday, GDPR

Introducing Consent Forms in FotoWare

Watch the recording to see a demo of the consent form feature and learn how this can help your organization comply with GDPR.

tip tuesday

Running a UGC campaign in FotoWare

Have you ever wanted to use your DAM for a user-generated content (UGC) campaign, such as a photo contest or a collaborative online exhibition?

tip tuesday

Work like a pro with the Pro Interface

Do you work with a large number of files or need to set up complex workflows? Work even faster with the FotoWare Pro Interface!

tip tuesday

What is Metadata Governance and how to achieve it

Metadata is an essential part of your DAM solution, but how can you make sure your team keeps the metadata relevant and tidy over time?


Introduction to the FotoWare Mobile App for Police

Discover how police officers can capture, search, and collaborate on evidence with their mobile devices with the FotoWare Mobile App.


How to optimize your PIM solution - Automate the workflows for your visual assets

Learn how to enrich your images and get full value from your PIM solution - The perfect webinar for anyone working with PIM or e-commerce!


Challenges of Regionalizing Imaging for Forensic Support

Learn how 4 different police forces in the UK have combined different systems to collaborate on investigation processes and solve crime faster.


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