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How energy companies can benefit from a Digital Asset Management solution

On-demand webinar with Vår Energi

The publicly traded Oil & Gas company, Vår Energi, manages massive amounts of digital content: from on-site and event photography to graphical elements and videos. 

To do this, they have invested in the Fotoware Digital Asset Management (DAM) solution, which enables them to streamline content workflows and ensure full control of visuals and associated data.

In our on-demand webinar, Communication Advisor in Vår Energi, Kjersti Aanderaa, discusses the steps they’ve taken to ensure efficient media and metadata management.

The webinar also covers some best practices on the topic that are relevant to everyone working in Marketing and Communications.  

Among other things, you’ll learn about how to: 

  • Utilize DAM technology for faster content workflows and metadata governance.
  • Establish and keep control of digital content across the organization.
  • Ensure GDPR compliance when using images of people.


The webinar lasts 30 minutes, including 5 minutes of Q&A.


Øystein Syversen Business Developement Manager

Øystein Syversen

Business Development Manager

- Fotoware

Kjersti Aanderaa (1)

Kjersti Aanderaa

Communication Advisor

- Vår Energi