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See FAQ for information about our three options for running FotoWare; SaaS, Private Cloud, and On-Premises.


FotoWare can scale to support organizations of any size. Contact us to discuss your needs. 




Our most complete plan for organizations that need to manage their digital files with workflows and integrations to other systems.

TEAM features, plus:

Site Whitelabeling
FotoWare Pro Interface
Extension for Adobe CC
API Access


For organizations that need to ensure their teams can access up-to-date and approved digital files with automated workflows.

SMALL BUSINESS features, plus:

Custom Workflows
CMS Widget for Editors

Feature List

Professional Team
Editors 10 5
Consumers 500 100
Pro Interface Add-on
Storage 1TB 500GB
Support via Email
99.5% SLA & Uptime -
Microsoft Office Plugin
FotoWare Mobile App iOS & Android
Custom Branding & Domain Name
Guest Portal and External Sharing
CMS Widget (for Editors)
Extensions for Adobe CC (for Editors) Add-on
Site White labeling -
SSO with Azure AD & SAML2 Add-on
API Access Add-on
Number of Archives Multiple Multiple
Consent Management Add-on
Build your own workflows
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"It’s a pretty seamless operation now to find all our images. Now that we have a Digital Asset Management system that’s available to all staff, they can self-serve to a large extent."

Art Gallery of New South Wales

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Editor user?

An Editor user is able to configure your FotoWare. The Editor can edit and set up taxonomies, create and edit SmartFolders, edit metadata on assets after upload, use interactive markers, create and comment on annotations and more.

The Editor can use the Adobe CC plugin, the CMS connector, and the API.

Please note that the availability of these functionalities depends on the plan.

See a complete overview of the similarities and differences.

What is a Consumer user?

A Consumer is a regular user of FotoWare with rights to upload files with metadata, search for and (crop and) download assets, use the mobile app, use the Plugin for Microsoft Office, and more.

See a complete overview of the similarities and differences.

How much storage can I add to my plan?

To increase storage, you can either upgrade to a higher plan, or you can add storage to your existing plan as an Add-on for €85 per 1TB, per month.

Contact to add more storage.

What type of files can I store in FotoWare?

You can store almost any file type in FotoWare.

See a full overview of supported file types.   

What are workflows?

A workflow is a set of actions that simplifies and streamlines tasks that are regularly executed in your FotoWare.

In FotoWare, you can use workflows to notify users when license rights expire, to run approval processes when publishing images or visual files externally, and to obtain consent in compliance with GDPR - and much more. You can also create custom workflows to fit your exact needs.

Read more about workflows.

What is API and what is it used for?

An API allows two applications to talk to each other.

For example, you can use the API to connect FotoWare with a Product Information Management (PIM) system to publish product images together with product information. You can also integrate with an Editorial system to publish images or visual media together with articles, or with an e-commerce system to publish product images to your e-commerce site, and much more.

What is the Pro Interface?

The Pro Interface is a built-in extension for Professional and Enterprise licenses. It is great for those who need to work with large amounts of files. It enables you to edit metadata on several files at a time, do thorough image comparisons, save your favorite searches, and much more.

Read more about the Pro interface.  

Is the FotoWare Interface WCAG compliant?

Yes, FotoWare offers WCAG 2.0 AA compliance on all plans.

You also have the opportunity to further style your FotoWare to your compliance and branding needs, depending on your plan.

Learn more about WCAG compliance in the FotoWare interface.

What is included in onboarding?

Onboarding is included for all Software-as-a-Service plans above Starter purchased directly from FotoWare. It includes a 14-day free Proof of Concept (PoC). 

The PoC is kicked off in a complimentary 2-hour workshop with a FotoWare Expert, who will configure the system according to your needs. The FotoWare expert is available for you to contact and will guide you through your PoC period.

Which plan should I choose?

This depends on a number of factors, but is mainly determined by your organization’s needs.

For example, if you predominantly need to be able to easily handle rights management, the Team and Professional plan let you set up automatic notifications when an image’s license has expired and keep track of the consent rights of your employees in compliance with GDPR.

However, if you only need a central system to store files, add metadata, and easily find and share them internally or externally, then the Small Business plan might be the right choice for you.

We are more than happy to help you find the right plan for you, please contact us directly on

How can FotoWare be run?


We offer three options for running FotoWare:

FotoWare As a Service (FotoWare SaaS). Your FotoWare site will be hosted on our infrastructure, and all updates and fixes will be rolled out automatically.

This is the recommended way to run FotoWare.

FotoWare on a Private Cloud. Your FotoWare will be installed on a virtual server in your chosen cloud infrastructure.

Maintenance and updates must be handled manually and will require in-house IT staff or assistance by your FotoWare partner or FotoWare Professional Services.

FotoWare On-Premises. Your FotoWare will be installed and operated on Windows servers in your own infrastructure.

This option requires in-house hardware. Maintenance and updates must be handled manually and will require in-house IT staff or assistance by your FotoWare partner or FotoWare Professional Services.

Are you not sure what is the best option for you?

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