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The Norwegian Transparency Act


FotoWare is committed to high standards of ethical conduct, and compliance with laws and regulations. We have zero tolerance for illegal and unethical business behavior and activities, including bribery and corruption, tax controls, forced labor, child labor, non-decent working conditions, and other breaches of human rights.

In accordance with the Norwegian Transparency Act, enforced on 1 July 2022, we work continuously to identify and assess actual and potential adverse impacts associated with our operations, products and services, as well with operations, products and services of our suppliers and business partners.

To learn more about how FotoWare works with The Transparency Act and our due diligence assessments, please read our public statement here.


Do you have questions about how we work with the Transparency Act?

If you have further questions related to FotoWare's work with the Norwegian Transparency Act, you can submit a written request via our support form, and please specify what kind of information you would like to receive, including the purpose of the inquiry.

We will answer your request in writing within three weeks or inform you when you can expect a reply.