FotoWare Integrations

Explore the solutions created by FotoWare and our technology partners and customers. Or build your own, using the FotoWare API.


Take your FotoWare to the next level

Using FotoWare APIs, you can build custom integrations for the FotoWare DAM system. You can also explore ready-made integrations, or connect with our technology partners for a customized solution.

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  • Adobe CC
  • CMS
  • Open Source
  • Police & Evidence
  • Healthcare
  • Microsoft Office
  • CDN
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Microsoft Office

Microsoft Office

Find and use approved assets from your FotoWare directly in Microsoft Office products.

Adobe CC

Adobe CC

Work with FotoWare assets directly in Adobe CC programs, such as Photoshop or InDesign.

CMS, Open Source


Use images from the FotoWare DAM system directly into your WordPress website.

CMS, Open Source


Import images managed in FotoWare DAM directly into your Sitecore media library.



Connect your FotoWare DAM with TYPO3 CMS to easily manage images.



Integrate your FotoWare with Optimizely to easily manage media files.

Police & Evidence


Visualize existing geo-references of assets in any web-based mapping service.


The Clinical Uploader App

Get full control of the medical photography procedure with this easy-to-use app.

CMS, Open Source


Synchronize images and media from FotoWare DAM to Enonic for a seamless content editing experience.


Amazon CloudFront

A content delivery network service built for performance, security, and developer convenience.

SSO, Open Source


An open standard enabling SSO — using one set of credentials to log into many applications.


Azure AD

Helps users access SaaS applications, resources, such as FotoWare, with a single login.



A SSO solution that provides access to systems and applications across organizational boundaries.



An Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) platform. It allows users to access applications anytime and anywhere.


Google SSO

Enables signing in to all enterprise cloud applications using managed Google account credentials.



Enables users to access the applications and other resources by logging in once to a single interface.

Web To Publish, Web To Print


A connection between ci-book™ and FotoWare in the Universal Editor and during file export as Adobe® PDF.

CMS, Open Source


Integrate your FotoWare DAM with Drupal to easily manage all the media files.

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FotoWare Technology Partners

Would you like to add a custom integration to your FotoWare DAM system? Contact one of FotoWare's certified technology partners to discuss your options.
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