Digital Asset Management for Retail & Manufacturing

When Visuals are Essential to Your Business

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Integrate With Your Tools

Like your Product Information Management system, Adobe design tools, and your web CMS.


Faster Time to Market

Move products from point of origin to point of sales and connect it with your launch campaign in additional channels.


Ensure Brand Consistency

No matter which channel, have full control over your brand and communication and continue building trust among your target group.

The main benefits for viastore are time saved and increase in efficiency and transparency, by searching and sharing information. Another benefit for us is the higher flexibility to access the system anywhere and at any time. Thirdly, there are no outdated assets in use anymore.

- Zornista Nenova, Marketing Dept.


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Solving Digital Challenges in Retail & Manufacturing


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Key Features


Integrate with your PIM

Integrate FotoWare with your Product Information Management system and accelerate revenue growth and brand consistency in all channels.


Publish Directly to Your CMS

With full control of your digital assets, you can launch product lines quicker than ever before. Publish directly from FotoWare to your Content Management System.


Track & Audit

Track how and where your SKU images, photo shoots, product videos, and other material is used. Get a full audit of all actions performed on an asset, and easily repurpose content as required.


One Version, Several Renditions

Use FotoWare to keep a single copy of an asset, and render it into the desired format on the fly when a user requests it.


Upload From Anywhere

Your photographers on location or marketing and PR teams can easily upload images and video from the web-based portal or directly from their mobile or tablet.


Collaborate Internally & Externally

Work together in teams, with agencies or media houses by adding comments directly to a file or using markers to indicate the status of an asset visually.

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