Digital Asset Management for Photo Agencies

Use FotoWare to enhance your digital photography workflow.

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Digital Asset Management (DAM) is everything you do from the moment of capturing a photo until publishing it. Digital Asset Management includes transferring the photo, renaming it, making it searchable with metadata, editing, sharing and more. The FotoWare DAM system can help you throughout the whole process.

Store Images In The Cloud

"I lost my files in the cloud…" said no one never. Store your photos safely in the cloud to make sure they are backed up and can be retrieved from any device and location.


Organize Visuals Using Metadata

Metadata is data about data. In this case, it describes your photos, or provides information about rights and admin. Using metadata to supply your pictures with additional information makes them easily discoverable.


Share Files Externally

Create online albums and share them with clients. Decide whether they can download the originals or preview a rendition in the browser. No WeTransfer or Google Drive needed.

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Key Features



Collaborating on images has never been easier. Highlight specific areas on the photos and leave comments directly in FotoWare. The annotations get stored in the metadata, meaning they always travel with the file and can even be printed out.

Watermarks and Copyright in FotoWare

Watermarks and Copyright

Protect your photos from illegitimate use by applying watermarks and adding copyright information to each asset. All copyright information that is stored as XMP or IPTC is available in FotoWare.

Access features in FotoWare

Access via Web Browser

Access all your photo collections from any device straight in the web browser. All the metadata you added to your files will travel with them, meaning the photos will be searchable in the web browser.

Action Upload to FotoWare

Keep Working In FotoStation

Manage your files locally in FotoStation and upload them to FotoWare. In this way, you can work in a familiar interface and get the full benefits both of FotoStation and FotoWare.

Select Rendition in FotoWare

Always One Original

You don’t have to handle several versions and sizes of one file. Instead, you can store the original, preview any file format in the browser and download a rendition on the go.

Automated Actions in FotoWare

Automated Actions

Speed up your work and reduce the number of repetitive tasks. With automated actions you do not have to constantly edit, rename, or search files — all of it can be handled in two clicks.

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