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FotoStation Client

More Powerful than ever before

A workstation for Mac and Windows to help you organize and process your picture collections

Find - Process - Share

Quickly find and rapidly organize your digital assets, automate processing with actions and share files with others for efficient collaboration

Automate Workflows

Produce the output you want in batches or automate your export workflows and metadata tagging for efficient production and Rights Management

Connect Your DAM

FotoStation Client works seamlessly with FotoWeb and Index Manager and can connect to any compatible Digital Asset Management system

  • Metadata

  • Speed

  • Export & Share

  • RM & Licensing

  • Automation

  • Scalable

Complete Metadata Editor

Complete Metadata Editor

With industry standard XMP metadata, the information related to your assets is future proof and flexible. Use taxonomies to quickly add keywords, apply metadata using macros or update any information via drag-and-drop presets. Build custom metadata schemas and forms - in a matter of minutes.

Save Hours & Days

Save Hours & Days

Make changes, find files fast, update or add metadata, apply image enhancements, crop or resize, process files for export or apply macros - it is all up to you. You are in control and able to speed up your workflows dramatically.

One-Click Collaboration

One-Click Collaboration

Use actions to easily upload via FTP or HTTP, ship files via email for sharing - all at the tip of your finger. Create custom slideshows, apply watermarks for safety, place images in documents or export for print.

Proper Rights Management

Proper Rights Management

Quickly add licensing and use rights information to your images, apply copyright information and take control over your release forms. By using markers you can quickly see which images are good-to-go, and which require additional work.

Let Actions do the Work

Let Actions do the Work

Create reliable and powerful workflows by combining processes in Actions, and produce the output you want. Apply these workflows on demand for individual files or folders, or in larger batches. Let FotoStation Client do the work for you.

Integrate & Grow

Integrate & Grow

Integrates with Index Manager and FotoWeb to handle tens-of-thousands or millions of files, including PDFs & Microsoft Office documents, offering super fast indexing, search and retrieval. Keep all your assets close at hand, at all times.

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Take Control - Go LARGE!

Take Control - Go LARGE!

FotoStation Client works with FotoWeb - the most complete & powerful digital asset management solution to date.

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