Transforming Your Files Into Digital Assets

At FotoWare, we help teams that create some of the world's most important content – content that changes the course of history, entertains and influences millions of people every day. We believe that to produce great content you must have simple, powerful tools to support your creative processes. Our team of 26 people works relentlessly to give every company in the world the most compelling experience possible when working with rich media files. With a presence in 41 countries through a partner network with 150+ certified engineers, we work closely with companies that need a customized experience.

Meet the Team behind FotoWare

Team Member
Anne Gretland CEO
Andreas Gnutzmann
Andreas Gnutzmann Product Manager
Øystein Syversen
Øystein Syversen Sales Director
Team Member
James Rice-McAulay Outbound Sales Prospector
John-Fredrik Engeland
John-Fredrik Engeland Support Manager
Chris Stival
Chris Stival Support Engineer
Team Member
Kristian Larsen Support Engineer
Monica Iversen
Monica Iversen Operations Manager
Karianne Lie
Karianne Lie Data Analyst
Team Member
Rolf Sagen Financial Manager
Radmila Milenkovich
Radmila Milenkovich Marketing Coordinator
Maria Brenno-Strandli
Maria Brenno-Strandli Graphic & Web Designer
Alex Kronenberg
Alex Kronenberg Creative Writer
Olav Andreas Frenning
Olav Andreas Frenning Technical Writer
Anders Bergman
Anders Bergman Software Development Engineer
Birger Øvensen
Birger Øvensen Software Development Engineer
Jørgen Steffensen
Jørgen Steffensen Software Development Engineer
Martin Halvorsen
Martin Halvorsen Software Development Engineer
Martin Gunnerud
Martin Gunnerud Software Development Engineer
Florian Winter
Florian Winter Software Development Engineer
Vitaliy Dmitriev
Vitaliy Dmitriev Software Development Engineer
Nataliya Shteinikova
Nataliya Shteinikova Quality Assurance
Maria Russkikh
Maria Russkikh Quality Assurance
Valeriy Kiselev
Valeriy Kiselev Software Development Engineer
Olga Minikaeva
Olga Minikaeva UX and Design
Ilya Sharov
Ilya Sharov Software Development Engineer
Team Member
Vladimir Sharf Software Development Engineer
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A Global Partner Network of Product Specialists

At FotoWare we continue building DAM with care in Oslo, Norway. And with our partner network in 41 countries, you get the benefit of local assistance by certified engineers and product specialists in your country.

The Story of a 20-Year-Old Startup

Our customers are extremely loyal. Many have been with us for a decade, and some even from the very start in 1997. We’re growing steadily year by year, and have been profitable since our first month of operation. Our footprint encompasses a wide array of industries ranging from small teams to enterprise level customers. 

After two decades, we still think like a startup and plow more than 50% of our profits back into R&D, releasing new features to our customers every 6 to 12 weeks.

The FotoWare suite continually evolves, adding new functionality to our on-premise and cloud solutions for Microsoft Azure and Amazon AWS Marketplace.

News & Media News & Media
  • Axel Springer
  • Financial Times
  • The Economist
Police & Intelligence Police & Intelligence
  • AFP
  • Polizei
Museums & Heritage Museums & Heritage
  • ANMM
  • WHHA
  • Ballet
Retail & Manufacturing Retail & Manufacturing
  • Martks & Spencer
  • Thomas Cook
  • Lindex
Marketing & Communications Teams Marketing & Communications Teams
  • Volkswagen
  • Clippers
  • TCW