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Success Story: VRT

How the public broadcast of Belgium ensures efficient media management and marketing with FotoWare.

"Everything is optimized: So the moment a picture arrives in our working environment in FotoWare it has the proper metadata coming from WHATS'On, which is very useful and is also a big timesaver in the intake of the pictures." - Kris Verschooten

Feature image: © VRT - Sofie Silbermann
VRT is a public broadcaster for the Flemish-speaking part of Belgium. They have three linear tv-channels, five radio channels, in addition to various digital channels, as well as an online video-on-demand service and works both at distributing content as well as producing. Being publically funded, it is especially important for VRT to ensure that they use their time and money wisely, and digitalization and automation are important parts of this. With the FotoWare DAM solution, they have been able to ensure efficient content management across their entire organization, enabling them to restructure their manpower, spending more resources on production.

© VRT - Geert Van Hoeymissen




"How do we connect those people living in Flanders? It's through our content, of course, through what we make, which is a combination of human interest, entertainment and information. And in order to market that content, we need strong visuals: We need posters, box covers, good episode or serial stills to use either on our own platforms and channels or to use on platforms where we are represented."

Kris Verschooten
Head of Internal Production & Logistics at Eén (2022)


"Using FotoWare is really a big step forward because the old server wasn't always accessible, the search was very difficult, it was not linked to the scheduling software as is now the case. If there was a change someone had to rename the files and folders and we ended up with duplicates and missing files and folders within folders within folders. Also, we could not vizualize which images had our preference, which ones could not be reused anymore, which ones were under an embargo, etc."

Evelien Versyck
Marketing Coordinator


"Since we have the uploader and everything is semi-automated, we save a lot of time on the image intake process. In addition, the publication became easier too: As soon as we want to communicate about a certain program or type of content we have the images ready-made and stored in our system, so it's literally just one push of the button."

Kris Verschooten
Head of Internal Production & Logistics at Eén (2022)

Added benefits

"It’s because of the efficiency of FotoWare that we are paying more and more attention to images as a part of our marketing and communication.”

Evelien Versyck
Marketing Coordinator at Eén (2022)

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