Digital Asset Management for Education & Public Institutions

Build an inclusive and collaborative community.


All in one place

Store all kinds of digital assets used in your community or school, such as education materials, training resources, and photos & videos from events, in a single central hub. Access your digital assets wherever you are.


Collaborate with all

Easily communicate with your community. Sharing and collaboration can be made across branches and departments, and also with the public. You can let specific groups of people access the system themselves to find important information.


Streamlined operations

The decision-making process involving several departments can be time-consuming and complicated to track the status of approval. Reduce mundane tasks and accelerate workflows by automating repetitive processes.

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Get Organized with FotoWare

Today, 11 out of 18 of the county municipalities in Norway are using FotoWare Digital Asset Management. We make it easier for schools, universities and public institutions to share content and connect with students.

Why Østfold County Municipality chose FotoWare

"We primarily use FotoWare to store, handle, and make our digital assets for all our employees.
Now with FotoWare, everything is so much easier. The more they know of the smart ways to use FotoWare, the faster we can work."

- Pål Engh, Digital Media Creator at Østfold County Municipality


Trusted by Education & Public Institutions globally


De Montfort University

FotoWare has revolutionized the way that media assets are shared within the campus. The team benefits from an unlimited number of users and 10TB of storage - all in FotoWare.


National Institute of Dramatic Art

NIDA has extended its user-base from just the marketing team to include the teaching staff and students. 350,000+ digital images are stored in FotoWare.


Ajuntament de Girona

Girona City Council is efficiently handling and safekeeping the image heritage of Girona. 2.8 million photographs, 1,389 films & 13,600 hours of TV records are archived in FotoWare.

Key Features


Smart Folder

Smart folders are used to create folder-like structures to browse unstructured data. For example, if you have a massive number of keywords you can make a folder hierarchy based on those keywords that you see your users are browsing.


Share and Collaborate

Invite partners and third parties to collaborate in an intuitive self-service platform, or easily share files & albums via email or link while controlling who has the rights to download or preview assets.


Integration with MS Office

FotoWare gives users the ability to work inside Word or PowerPoint with all their assets. It ensures consistency by giving everyone access to the correct up-to-date assets and means that users only use images that they're allowed to


Rights Management

Certain groups can have access to a certain set of files. By differentiating these groups, you know that specific users only see files they are allowed to see and images you have the correct rights for.


File Use Management

Manage the publication of assets on your CMS - revoke assets on demand or by setting a fixed expiry date. Get a complete overview of the who, what, and where, regarding the use of all your files.


Automate Actions

Doing the same thing over and over? Create actions that automate those repetitive processes and enable you and your team to perform drag-n-drop and one-click operations, saving hours of your time.

Get a 30-minute free demo of how FotoWare could work for you. We will customize the demo to your needs.

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