Automate Metadata Tagging
in Your DAM

What is Auto-tagging and why does it matter to you?


Tip Tuesday with FotoWare

  Recorded on Tuesday 25th April 2023 

Tip Tuesday with FotoWare

Leverage AI in metadata tagging

Metadata tags play a crucial role in digital asset management, enabling efficient organization and search of digital assets. Auto-tagging, also known as automatic metadata tagging, is a process of using Artificial Intelligence to analyze and assign descriptive keywords and tags to digital assets.

Auto-tagging offers several benefits in digital asset management, including maintaining consistency and accuracy in metadata while saving time and eliminating the possibility of human errors. It also enhances the searchability of digital assets, making it easier to locate and retrieve assets quickly and efficiently.

More and more organizations are adopting auto-tagging as a way to improve their digital asset management workflows and maximize the value of their digital assets. 
At FotoWare, we are so excited to announce that the auto-tagging feature will soon be available in your DAM.
Let's deep dive into what auto-tagging is really about and why this matters to you, including:

  • The benefits of auto-tagging
  • Use cases and best practices of auto-tagging
  • A live demo of auto-tagging in FotoWare DAM 

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Hosts & Speakers:


Cecilia Pierron

Key Account Manager

Øyvind Thoner

Product Manager

Johan Leide

Professional Services Manager

Eunbyeol Koh

Customer & Channel Marketing Manager