Moving your DAM to the Cloud: Why and How? - featuring CROW


Tip Tuesday with FotoWare

  Recorded on the 28th of March, 2023
Tip Tuesday with FotoWare:

Moving your DAM to the Cloud: Why and How? - featuring CROW

Cloud is fast becoming the technology of choice for many businesses in place of traditional On-premises software, providing flexibility, scalability, cost-savings, and more.

This is not an exception in the Digital Asset Management world; in recent years, an increasing number of businesses have moved to DAM in the Cloud to offer better services and stay ahead of the competition. Deciding between SaaS and On-premises is a critical element of the long-term IT strategy, and thus the success of your business.

CROW, the technology platform for transport, infrastructure and public space in the Netherlands, has recently moved from FotoWare On-Premises to SaaS, seeking streamlined operations and collaboration internally and externally.

In this webinar, Mirjam Veen, Information Specialist at CROW, shares what it takes to move to the cloud and what they expect to get in return.

Key takeaways:

  • How to determine if your team is ready to move your DAM to the Cloud
  • Migration to the cloud: the key processes, challenges and solutions
  • The key benefits of having DAM in the Cloud


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Host & Speakers


Mirjam Veen

Information Specialist @ CROW

Harald Gjetøy

Key Account Manager @ FotoWare

Petter Lundberg

Professional Services Manager @ FotoWare

Michael Ohlsen

Professional Services Manager @ FotoWare

Eunbyeol Koh

Customer & Channel Marketing Manager @ FotoWare